Monday, January 27, 2014

Civitas Media Honors Privacy

Statement from the CEO
Civitas Media never had any plans or intentions of publishing in print or online lists of holders of “conceal and carry” permits.  Nor will Civitas Media develop databases of permit holders.  A poorly crafted internal memo meant to highlight editorial discussions and planning incorrectly indicated that such a database was being planned; it has been considered and rejected.

Michael C. Bush, CEO


Dear Mchael C. Bush, Civitas Media CEO,

I just wanted to write to say thank you for rejecting the horrible violation of privacy which someone in your organization considered with regard to publishing personal and private information of "conceal and carry" permit holders.

I hope this incident will also provide an opportunity for educating perhaps the younger members of your staff regarding the importance of upholding the right to privacy, as granted to each and every individual by his Creator.

While the ever changing American government enacts moot attempts to minimize crime, it is worth considering that we who have complied with its illegal and immoral demands to be 'permitted' for what is really a natural right have done so against our will — we would have never voluntarily given the State such private information.

As with each and every violation of natural rights, there are always negative consequences.  For example, due to the State's mandate of issuing "conceal and carry" permits and building a database of such records, some people have become confused thinking that "public records" are those which everyone has a right to access, but of course, this is not the case.  Americans also give the State personal and private financial data against our will, but no "Transparency Act" can give the general public the right to access such data.

Further, the consequences of anyone publishing such data could certainly include the criminal targeting of homes for theft where firearms likely reside, and/or criminal targeting of homes whose owners might not have such defenses.

Certainly, most people would not have the intention to put innocent Americans at risk of burglary or worse, but without giving heed to the importance of protecting our natural rights, as history continues to show, negative consequences are inevitable.

Thank you again for honoring the right to privacy of Americans.  I can only hope such examples as yours will help others act accordingly.


bernard baruch carman
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Considering Election/Voting Fraud

All this debate over voting identification, yet it's only the tip of the iceberg regarding "election/voting fraud".

To being with, the voting system itself — the plurality voting system — perpetuates a duopoly partisan system by introducing the spoiler effect, candidate cloning, and the wasted vote syndrome (see to learn more).

Next, we have black box voting in various states, which is not only often in violation of State Constitutions, but has been shown to be unreliable at best and rigged at worst (check out HBO's "Hacking Democracy" ).

Then there is the "debate" folly.  If anyone actually thinks the "debates" aren't controlled in a way to prevent non-duopoly candidates from being involved, while crafting the Q's & A's to make crooks and liars look good to the American voters… then perhaps you should not vote anyway!  8-)  (or perhaps you should watch "Who's Afraid of an Open Debate?"! )

And let's not forget about the media, who begins selecting "top tier" candidates in the Primary race nearly a year before the public does, thus leading ignorant voters.  In some cases "journalists/reporters" have blatantly stated to the public that certain candidates cannot win.  Some news networks have even altered or omitted data as election results were reported.

Regardless of all, people don't turn out for the most important election anyway — the Primaries — when there is a chance of beating the "establishment Republicrat" (you know, the duopoly candidate that the political party helps to win).  People only really turn out for the General election when they can ONLY vote for ONE authoritarian collectivist or the OTHER (evil VS evil).

Yet, the foolish debate over voting identification goes on.

Perhaps the masses deserve to continue playing the fool if their votes can be so blatantly manipulated in such a corrupted election system, when all they can focus on in this matter is voter identification.

More Fool We.


bernard baruch carman
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Trayvon & Zimmerman Tragedy

My thoughts regarding the Trayvon & Zimmerman tragedy are perhaps best conveyed through an online dialog I had at Huffington Post:

My posted comment:

how is “dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe" a racist statement, yet "white cracker" isn't?

the only thing Nugent is off base in criticizing here are people who smoke marijuana — apparently a major flaw in his understanding of liberty.

the people among the pathetic media who call themselves "journalists" are the ones that should be REMOVED from their positions for continually feeding into the political BS that is dividing this country.

and the sheeple who buy all the media BS should get a clue, but they don't. perhaps they believe it's "NORMAL" to use photos of the "victim" at 13 years of age in order to gain sympathy.

the Trayvon-Zimmerman matter has again proven that whenever it's convenient for the authoritarian collectivists to sidestep the heart of an issue, they will — this time under the guise of "racism", when that wasn't even a factor in the entire tragedy... a tragedy which could have been avoided if Trayvon had communicated to Zimmerman, rather than electing to set up an ambush.

violence begets violence. i just hope others learn from this incident that it's NEVER OK to attack someone, even if being followed.

i carry nearly all of the time. if someone ever attacks me, i won't hesitate to protect myself... PERIOD!

so keep sleeping if you want to Neo-Amerian Sheeple! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... 8-)

One commenter replied:

Quote: "a tragedy which could have been avoided if Trayvon had communicated to Zimmerman, rather than electing to set up an ambush." 

Really? Despite no witness backing this up, you know this is what happened because why? Solely based on Zimmerman claim that this is what happened. How about, a tragedy which could have been avoided if Zimmerman had stayed in his car and obeyed the dispatcher who told him not to follow Martin? And as for violence begetting violence, what about Zimmerman’s past including, regular use of Racial Slurs, Domestic Abuse, and Resisting Arrest? He is an “Angel” though, right?

My response:

of course, i don't *know* exactly what happened.  and let's face facts, neither of these guys were "angels".  but i can only make conclusions based upon those few facts which were evidenced.

for example, based upon the initial phone conversation with the police, it appears to be fairly obvious to me that Zimmerman's intent was never to hurt anyone, otherwise he wouldn't have called the police to begin with.  he was apparently concerned about the recurring theft that was going on in the neighborhood, and perhaps the safety of his uncle, and wanted the police to get there ASAP.

… or he was acting the entire time, having the true intent of taking a life that night.

he also apparently didn't want a potential thief suspect to get away without being questioned by the police.  i would feel likewise, as there have been a string of scooters stolen in my neighborhood — two of which from my property — and we've had continued recent visits from "gangsta wannabe's" casing my property since.  thieves SHOULD BE afraid of being shot when trespassing.

personally, i would have shouted at such a suspect in order to ascertain his intent while on the phone with the police.  and yes, the entire tragedy might have been avoided.  but then again, do we know if the two men didn't have some such words that weren't recorded?  regardless, Zimmerman doesn't deserve to go to prison for lack of communication.

aside from Zimmerman's apparent intent, if Trayvon was simply on his way home, why didn't he get there in four minutes?  what was HIS intent once he realized a "creepy ass white cracker" was following him?  did he decide that he was upset enough for being followed that he chose some other course of action other than returning home?  what other course of action could that have been?  if Trayvon felt threatened at any point during that time, why didn't he leave?

these among other points cause me to conclude that Zimmerman was trying to keep tabs on where Trayvon was until the police got there.  Trayvon had ample time to leave the scene, yet elected an alternate course of action — to attack Zimmerman.

regardless, if there is not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman otherwise, innocence must be presumed.

but of course, most of what we're discussing is off topic to this article.

i just hope and pray that this tragedy saves lives in the future by giving cause for pause to those who would think about assaulting, thieving, or otherwise violate the natural rights of others.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Small Acts of Kindness and Love

While watching the Hobbit recently, this quote really seemed noteworthy regarding much of what i often struggle with.  Too bad I haven't applied heeding it more over the past couple of weeks, for I might not have allowed myself to become so struck with overwhelm, negativity and the feeling of self-uselessness:

"Gandalf: Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."

We might be very surprised if we knew just how far our small acts of kindness and love go, while we continue to remain in our varying degrees of personal misery worrying about however we feel our 'large acts of greatness' might be falling short.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IRS Targeting VS Targeting the IRS

Regarding the "IRS Targeting" issue, I received an email today from a Michigan Congressman (below my signature).  I shared with him and our Liberty Asheville network my first thoughts that came to mind...

Dr. Dan Benishek asks, "Do you think the President knew about targeting of conservative groups by the IRS?"

Well, that's a largely irrelevant question, isn't it?

A more relevant question is, "Why is America still plagued with an 'income' tax system which violates the natural right of privacy?"

Or, "How can any individual be 'free' in such an authoritarian collectivist social-economic environment that prohibits privacy?"

The founders made it explicitly clear that there should be NO direct tax placed upon a free individual (US Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 4), yet American generations have allowed a limited government to grow more unlimited and simultaneously violate the law of the land and our natural rights in this area (along with many others) for about a century now.

If we entirely eliminated all direct taxes, no one in the gov't system could ever use taxation as a means to target any specific individual or group of individuals.

Oh, and we'd restore our unalienable natural individual right to privacy.

Seems like a no-brainer, eh?


bernard baruch carman
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On May 20, 2013, at 2:33 PM, Dan Benishek <> wrote:

Friend --
I am writing to ask for a few minutes of your time to let me know what you think by filling out a short survey.
Hearing from you is an important part of representing Americans and my fellow Michiganders in the First District. I value this opportunity to learn your opinions, ideas and concerns.
Do you think the President knew about targeting of conservative groups by the IRS?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts by filing out this survey.
Thank you for your time and interest.  I appreciate hearing from you today and I look forward to hearing from you again in the future.  
Best wishes,

Dan Benishek
Re-Elect Dr Dan Benishek · United States
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Anti-Gun Lunacy Teaches Students to LIE

Dear Pat McCrory:

SERIOUSLY???  THIS is the level our Public School Administrations have stopped to???

This is yet another reason why ALL anti-gun nuts should be ousted from ANY public office, and why anti-liberty legislation like "zero-tolerance" and "mandatory minimums" should be eliminated immediately!!!

While Cole Withrow strives to continue his HS graduation plans, he and all his friends are now getting an education in the anti-liberty evils of authoritarian collectivism that has permeated the STATE.  Rather than commending the boy for doing the RIGHT thing, he is punished for it, thereby teaching the entire student body to LIE.

EVERY such incident needs to be handled on an individual basis, with NO "zero-tolerance" and NO "mandatory minimums" being a factor in the judgement.  But that would require the usage of BRIANS, which apparently isn't common among many people in public offices.

Heck, if the school's principle had a brain he would have simply allowed the boy to take the shotgun home and return to school, or simply just leave it locked up in his automobile.  Or better yet, lock it up somewhere inaccessible to the students just in case a mass shooter decided that day to take advantage of our Federally mandated Helpless Victim Zones (aka: Gun Free Zones).

But of course, treating individuals individually AS individuals would also mandate those public officials who HAVE brains be freed from the collectivist brainwashing they've received their entire lives via the public school system and mass media.  Evil legislation like "zero-tolerance" and "mandatory minimums" exist BECAUSE authoritarian collectivist philosophy has become the norm in what I call "Neo-Amerika"… what America has become.

Thankfully, something good has come out of the evil actions of the school board: CHEERS to Liberty University for making a stand for liberty and rewarding this boy for acting honestly, justly and thoughtfully!

Liberty Univ. Offers Scholarship to Eagle Scout Facing Gun Charges


Now it's YOUR turn, Mr. Governor, to choose a side: tyranny or LIBERTY… which will it be?


bernard baruch carman
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Petitions for Cole — PLEASE SHARE:


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Post-Tax Day Thoughts

The day after tax day 2013, I found this article on Facebook…

Corporate Tax Cheats on Tax Day: A Descent Into the Circles of Hell

… which takes various corporations on a decent into the various "circles of Dante's 'hell'" for cheating on their taxes.

However, in it there's not even a mention of the Federal Reserve & fractional banking system which has been ripping off American generations in perpetuity since 1913.

Then again, that's a matter of the STATE ripping off the People, so perhaps this issue doesn't fit the "anti-corporate" agenda of the writer (who perhaps also forgets that the State CREATED corporations and lies in bed with them)?  One can only wonder.

One can also only wonder if it's really "cheating" to strive to reduce the theft of SOME of the phony money that the IRS and Banking Cartel has been swindling for about a century now.  Looking at it in a more personal situation, if thieves have robbed your home and you manage to retrieve some of what they took, is one "cheating" them?

Regardless, if one is going to ONLY gripe about how [greedy] corporations are "cheating the IRS", then one is ONLY addressing the tip of the iceberg of corruption.  The obvious answer to ending tax cheating is to END the FED, END the bloody IRS, and return to an HONEST monetary system and an INDIRECT tax system.

The article is followed up by various comments about the complexity of the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) and the pros/cons of switching to a flat tax.  For all who are pondering over tax systems, please consider that ALL "income" tax systems (direct tax systems) prohibit the freedom of privacy.  This is one fundamental reason why the American founders were very clear about there being no direct taxes in the drafting of the US Constitution.

Of course, all this was corrupted throughout the Civil War (the first time an "income" tax was imposed) and just afterwards when the crooked ruling class of bureaucrats crafted and implemented a so called "income" tax, which began ONLY as a capital gains tax — in order to "tax the rich" — along with the DIS-honest "money" system and Federal Reserve.  Then later around WW2, the "income" tax was extended to also include wages.

But then again, if one actually begins to READ the insane IRC, one will soon discover how deceptively written it is, AND how the "income" tax really only applies to government workers, residents of D.C. and a few other US territories outside of the States.  But don't bring up any such facts with the IRS, as they will merely threaten you with a $20k+ fine for "frivolous arguments".

Those who continue to rail against various corporations for "cheating" the IRS are either not looking deep enough into the matter to reveal the entire truth, or have some kind of personal agenda against so called "CORPORATE AMERICA".

Those whose eyes are open will certainly realize that ANY business will take advantage of loopholes wherever the STATE allows.  And wherever the STATE manipulates a market, that market is no longer FREE, and therefore can no longer be considered "Capitalism", but rather some bastardization thereof, often known as "Crony Capitalism" or my personal favorite, "CORPORATISM".

No tax system is perfect.  However, the "Fair Tax" is the best imperfect "income" tax replacement system I've seen which is currently on the table — so long as the "income" tax and IRS are terminated.  If the Federal Government actually acted within its Constitutional limits, we could entirely eliminate a Federal tax altogether and simply use tariffs, as was intended from the onset.  Still, without returning to an honest money system, it's all moot, and economic collapse is certain.

When contemplating a better tax system, let us first address the DISHONEST "money" system and return to an HONEST one, THEN strive to return to an INDIRECT tax system, which is in accordance with freedom for all — NO MORE VIOLATION OF PRIVACY!


bernard baruch carman
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