Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i just watched "INDOCTRINATE U" the other night and i thought i'd send a message of endorsement. it is a documentary regarding the various attacks upon free speech within American colleges & universities, many of which are largely funded by the American taxpayer.
i wrote to the director, Evan Maloney, telling him the ideas we've had in our LibertyAsheville group for local outreach to college/university students in the WNC area in holding viewings on at least a monthly basis, including post-film forum discussions.
i asked him what the fee would be if we wanted to show his film, the process for doing so, etc. he replied saying he'd snail mail me a DVD copy and that there was no charge -- he just wants to get the message out and was most appreciative that we were considering his movie for our film schedule!
needless to say, i was very impressed with his response and also the way he carried himself on camera as being so polite and unwavering in his gentle and humorist demeanor, even while faced with very rude and negative reactions by university officials. Evan certainly sets a great example for the kind of Americans patriots we need to stand up against the ongoing oppression of our individual liberties!
on their website & on YouTube, there is a clip with Lou Dobbs of CNN from 03.12.2009 which i suggest viewing as well.
if you have children, or know anyone with children, who are currently enrolled in or planning to attend a higher learning facility, OR if you are currently in the world of academia as a teacher or in some other capacity, i cannot more highly recommend watching this film and suggesting it to everyone you know.
i'm not sure if it will be made available in the regular video outlets and/or Netflix. while writing this, and when i could not locate a "movie title suggestion" link on their website, i called Netflix and spoke with a helpful rep. when i asked why i couldn't locate this, he said they had to remove it because it was being abused. apparently, 80% of the suggestions were for porn! he made a note of my suggestion.
i then was browsing the Indoctrinate-U.com website, and located a link for Netflix movie suggestions [http://www.netflix.com/Suggest]. thinking it wouldn't work, i tried it and it DOES! so if you have a moment, please do likewise so that IU will have the opportunity to be viewed by Netflix users -- thanks!
in liberty, especially considering the minds of the future generations of America...
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