Friday, August 21, 2009

Biased "Liberal" & "Conservative" Media

with all the biased comments thrown around against "biased conservative media" by the "liberals", this is certainly noteworthy.

this underlines the point i have been striving to make in blog posts like yesterday's, “Which Political Party Will Fix America?”:

both the RED & BLUE political camps have been hijacked by tyrannical authoritarians -- RED generally seems to lean fascist & BLUE generally seems to lean socialist. BOTH camps, exemplified by their very actions throughout the past Century of American history, are enemies to liberty.
in this particular case, MSNBC is caught blue handed in a blatantly obvious crafted deception, designed for no other reason to instigate racial tension, giving the impression that there are a bunch of "white people" showing up to Obama events.
the majority of Americans who have been brainwashed into believing the BLUE socialist-authoritarian party is actually a good thing for this country, will go away from watching this broadcast being confirmed in their deceptive belief that all those who are standing up for liberty against the fools running "America" into the ground are merely a bunch of white racists.
of course, the same exact thing occurs to the brainwashed RED fascist-authoritarian party supporters as a result of their preferred biased media source as well.
however, i don't think i have personally witnessed from any biased mainstream news network such a blatant attempt of deception, going through great pains in editing a video with the sole purpose of hiding the truth of the matter: that the guy with the assault rifle in the audience at the Obama event is BLACK!
i suggest to Americans of both camps that they turn OFF their boob-tube biased and deceptive news media sources, and seek out true news via the internet.
in liberty,
bernard baruch carman
- seeker of truth / seeder of truth •∞Liberty
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in response to:
Media Bias Proof: MSNBC Turns Black People Into White People
Perhaps the headline above should red MSNBC turns blacks and whites against each other. In the clip below MSNBC reports on the gun carrying "racists" at Obama's town hall meetings. The footage they show of the man carrying the rifle does not reveal the man's face nor skin color. The man is black. The reason they choose these camera angles becomes obvious as the report unfolds. Revealing the man's race would not fit their version of the story. They'd look idiotic if they talked about all these "white people" carrying guns at Obama events if the one they showed was actually black. As it turns out they look not only idiotic but extremely biased.

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