Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bob Schulz of We the People Congress & Foundation on FreedomWatch with Judge Napolitano

Please take a moment to check out Judge Napolitano's show FreedomWatch webcast this Wed, Aug 12 @ 2 PM.
THIS WEEK the Judge will interview guest Bob Schulz of We the People Congress & Foundation, who is organizing the 2009 Continental Congress to be held November 9th ~ 22nd at the Pheasant Run Convention Center, St. Charles, IL.
if you have not yet heard Bob's CC2009 presentation citing various reasons as to why this matter is paramount, you can listen to this 80 minute mp3 audio i edited here: State of America
(if you miss the show, you can watch it later on their archives)
Please sign the petition, urging Fox News to add "Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano" to their TV lineup, in addition to their internet channel. < http://freedomwatchonfox.com/sign-the-petition/ >
IMHO, this is the only news show i've seen which remains focused on mandating Constitutionally limited government, and therefore it needs to be on regular TV.
please pass this on to everyone you know... thanks!
in liberty,
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