Sunday, August 30, 2009

Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

this is a very telling example by an authoritarian police officer who apparently has no idea about Constitutionally limited government, nor unalienable individual rights, which supports my theory of recent years: we're not in "America" any more!

for years now, i've been asking for someone to please explain to me why anyone would think we are living under an "American" government:

• does the "American" government obey the law?

• does "America" remain a Constitutionally limited government, accountable to the rule of law?

• is a "free" country defined by the flag it flies?

• should We the People adopt a philosophy of blind nationalism, obeying governing authorities even when they disobey the law of the land?

• if "America" was taken over by enemies domestic (a legitimate possibility according to the Constitution), how would We the People recognize it?

this video is one more proof of the mindset adopted by a large percentage of contemporary governing authoritarians in power in this country we still call "America".

i continue to advocate we educate ourselves about the philosophy of liberty and encourage our fellow Americans to do likewise, also informing everyone about the We the People Foundation & Congress, and especially governing authorities about the Oath Keepers.


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