Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tyranny deception

i'm a Christian and i recognize that IF the Federal government ever used public money to build church buildings and/or purchase Bibles, they were breaking the law, which is against the tenants of Christianity.
of course, mainstream Christianity largely misinterprets the clear message of Christ, which was that He did not come to destroy God's laws (matt 5:17-20).
what kind of "church" did they build? which denomination? why should an American citizen who has dispensed with observing pagan "holidays" like Sunday, Christmas, Easter, & Halloween, pay for such a "church"?
oh, you don't agree with my faith? then i rest my case in that it is inherently wrong for the STATE to meddle in the matters of CHURCH. this includes marriage and any other church matter.
putting "separation of Church & State" semantics aside, the controversy is really pretty simple: religion is personal and individual, and of NO business of the STATE.
this fact is one of the fundamental reasons why the Theo-Cons & Neo-Cons (generally fascists) are as dangerous to liberty as are the Neo-Liberals (generally socialists).
however, the Neo-Amerikan masses are continually bombarded by the left-right dichotomy deception through the controlled media, and remain largely deceived over the real enemy of liberty, which is TYRANNY.
noteworthy truth: freedom fosters liberty; control fosters tyranny.
this truth is exemplified within "both" sides of the largely and worldly accepted political spectrum and deception of "conservative" vs. "liberal". the track records speak for themselves, and history continues to repeat itself time and time again.
i personally believe that the real battle between liberty and tyranny is spiritual. as i said, i am a Christian, so i personally view the above liberty-tyranny relationship as parallel to: Christ brings liberty; satan brings control.
therefore from my perspective, tyranny knows no political boundaries as it easily infiltrates each and every political activism group and party, turning mere mortals who have common libertarian values/philosophies against one another.
i have personally observed this as being evidenced within various church denominations, ministries, and organizations, as well as secular political groups such as the Libertarian Party, the Ron Paul Revolution, and now i am an outside witness to this occurring in the Republican Party.
perhaps people largely make the tragic mistake in misunderstanding the fact that NO manmade political organization or church denomination corners the market on TRUTH -- none can, for it is impossible for any human or group of humans to do so, even though many continue to attempt such folly in both the secular and religious arenas.
will the human race learn this? or are we all doomed to continue perpetuating the deception which is either being advanced by global elite powers in control of the nations and world banks OR from a spiritual arena?
i honestly do not know at this point. what i do know is that i am impassioned to continue learning more about the principles of liberty in both the secular and spiritual realms. i advise and encourage everyone to do likewise.
in liberty,
bernard baruch carman
- seeker of truth / seeder of truth •∞Liberty
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
The separation of church and state principle is one held in high esteem by all Democrats as a foundational principle, even thou it is not explicitly or implicitly in the U.S. Constitution. In fact, one only need look at the actions of the founding fathers - those that wrote the document that liberals have been twisting ever since. For instance, the U.S. Capitol building was specifically designed to hold church services on Sundays and was used for that very purpose into the 20th century. Even Thomas Jefferson, whom secular progressives love to take out of context, approved wholeheartedly of this use. Back in those days, federal money was used specifically to print Bibles as well, and the federal government promoted Christianity. They didn't "establish" it, they just promoted it. After all, the pilgrims sailed here for that reason, no? It's worthy to note also that Thomas Jefferson himself made federal money available for the building of churches and the printing of Bibles. Actions speak louder than words. Thus, schoolchildren do not learn of such history in indoctrination centers these days.
Today, Democrats love to paint Republicans as the white, Christian party:
So Democrats are for the so-called separation of church and state, except when they're not. As a matter of fact, they have a favorite place to campaign. From The Detroit News: Detroit candidates head to church in search of votes.
Candidates for offices such as mayor and City Council made the final push today, mining votes at churches and other events to try and galvanize a weary electorate to participate in Tuesday's election, which is expected to attract low turnout.
Mayor Dave Bing was the big name among several candidates who attended the Greater Grace Temple mega church on the city's northwest side. Bing said he wasn't there to "talk about politics" and asked for prayer to help him make the right decisions to help save the city.
Other candidates such as City Clerk Janice Winfrey made the service, as well as several contenders running for city council, including Saunteel Jenkins, Charles Pugh and Raphael B. Johnson, who were introduced by Greater Grace Bishop Charles H. Ellis.
Pugh, the former news broadcaster who has been leading all council candidates in one recent election poll, received the warmest applause at Greater Grace when he was introduced.
Pugh said that despite scandal and the federal corruption probe at City Hall, the election features "a good crop of competent young, sharp people who are ready to lead."
Of course they're not there to politic. That's why the news article is in the paper. Because it's no big deal. Ironically, these are Democrats - a party that supports murder of the unborn, discrimination by race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., promotion of the homosexual agenda, all Biblical abominations - going into a church to seek votes. I really do not want to know the kind of people that attend Greater Grace Temple. Do they have Rev. Wright guest speak there?

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