Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barbarians for Health Freedom

in reference to the following map:
i have heard it said, "Wow - this map makes it pretty clear that the entire civilized world has universal health care except for: most of Africa and S. America, all of China, Kazakhistan, Turkey and the United States. We're a bunch of @#$%&! barbarians.".

so, let me get this straight... "barbarians" are now to be defined as:

1. People of countries who do not subscribe to the false concept that health care is an entitlement.

2. People of countries who are for maximizing individual health freedom.

this is certainly news to me! 8-)

regardless of what anyone wants to believe, the fact is that health care is no more an entitlement than is food & water, clothing, and housing.

it is true that all humans have the unalienable right to life, liberty, property, etc., however it is not true that these rights include a right for these things to be provided to us -- BIG DIFFERENCE!
just because individuals of various countries have decided to give up their health freedoms makes it somehow a good idea for us to do likewise? i challenge anyone to prove it!
why do the proponents of socialized health care continue to point to other countries as some kind of litmus test for how it might work here, when a much more accurate testimony would be to examine how effectively and proficiently the American Federal Government governs the socialized health care system they already ruin... or sorry, run? 8-)
how good of a job is the FED doing with the Veteran's Hospitals? i've heard mostly horror stories from both patients and doctors.
how about Medicare & Medicaid? are those FED institutions operating efficiently? it seems not.
and while we're at it, how about the economy in general? how wonderful a job has the FED been doing over the last century? pretty badly actually. in fact, our economy couldn't be mismanaged much worse than it has been for decades.
has it not occurred to the proponents of socialized health care that, the governments of other countries, in some cases having a population and geographic size parallel to some of our states, might not be as corrupt as the American Federal Government?
has it also not occurred to the same folks that there is an ominous element of fascism alive and well here in America? surely most everyone knows that America has been seriously plagued by corporate welfare since at least the better part of the 20th Century -- BIG BUSINESS purchases government officials, which in turn create special interest legislation benefitting themselves, rather than We the People. what makes anyone think this is going to magically change?
i assert that other countries with socialized health care do not have anywhere near the degree of this problem as do we. therefore, presuming what might work OK in another country is short sided without considering all aspects of the issue, many of which are often hidden.
and after all, there was no real health care problem to speak of in America prior to the federal government getting involved, yet now folks want it to get more involved? i'm not following the logic in this strategy.
it seems that often wherever the FED extends its tentacles, bureaucracy, inefficiency, and corruption follows. and of course, that stands to reason, for power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
for decades now, the FED has been wielding virtually unlimited power, without regard to its legal Constitutional limitations. the FED wields far more unlimited power than does any of these other countries combined. the continuation of increasing the power of the FED will only yield far more corruption which can not even be charted when comparing socialized health care of other countries.
so i reiterate, what examples exist which indicate the FED might do a good job managing the few remaining health freedoms we have left?
in the 20th Century, the FED has usurped our unalienable right to various alternative health remedies and medicines, and has forced alternative health clinics out of the country which were not parallel to the arbitrary mandates of the AMA and FDA. yet, these two organizations in particular have been approving poisons for years with no accountability whatsoever.
President Obama had some very good things to say about accountability when he recently addressed children in public schools throughout the country. but how are Americans supposed to take accountability of one's actions seriously when the FED continues to exemplify a total lack thereof?
should America make the horrible mistake in continuing the move toward fully socialized healthcare, which began usurping We the People's health freedoms decades ago and has been worsening ever since, we can all look forward to an exponentially increased authorian mandate to entirely remove your choices of alternative health care and medicine, and replace them with "AMA/FDA officially recognized and approved standards".
also, expect seriously increased taxes on products deemed to be "unhealthy" by those who think they have a right to tell you what is good for your health.
for example, we've already seen taxes being increased on alcohol and tobacco under the guise that these things are bad for our health, and therefore, since the health of an individual is now considered to be an entitlement and thus a burden which all Americans are forced to bear, factions are falsely asserting that people who smoke and drink should pay extra because they are "less healthy".
this fallacy of an argument was presented to me by a Canadian lady when i visited there years back. i promptly turned around the question asking, "what about fast foods, partially hydrogenated oils, MSG (now allowed to be listed under convoluted names), sodas, and all the other poisons which government organizations approve? ... are those items not to be taxed double or perhaps triple that of alcohol and tobacco? if not, then why not?"
further, a very good argument can be made that alcohol is actually healthy, while these other poisons are deemed acceptable by the FDA and AMA as food and medicine ingredients!
American socialized health care will greatly benefit the fascist bureaucrats who are in bed with BIG PHARM. i'm sure the makers of various popular anger management pills love the fact that parallel natural remedies having far less negative side affects which would be otherwise inexpensive remain illegal. with government force on their side, there is potentially no end to the variety of mandates with which we can fully expect to be inundated.
and before the socialized advocates respond with the notion that we need a "public option" along side of the private ones, consider that it is impossible for any private market to compete on such an unleveled playing field. no company can operate in the red the way the FED operates, for it would go bankrupt... as our country continues to gradually go bankrupt, eventually to the point of no return.
therefore, the so called "public option" is only a temporary stage between our present half-baked socialized health care system which is not working, to a fully featured, non-functional, Americanized socialized health care system, with no regard whatsoever to our unalienable right to health freedom.
on our Liberty Asheville website, there is a link to a Google Doc where we are working on "Free Market Solutions to Health Care" <>. everyone is invited to help come up with true health care reform which allows for maximizing our health freedoms.

in the meantime, please, feel free to consider me a "barbarian for health freedom"! ;-)

in liberty,
bernard baruch carman
- seeker of truth / seeder of truth •∞Liberty
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