Thursday, September 17, 2009

HAPPY Constitution Day! -- First CC2009 "Money Bomb" is TODAY!

today might ought to be a national holiday, but it isn't... yet!
it would be wonderful if today in schools all across the nation, there would be special attention and focus given to the philosophies on which the Constitution was created... but as it was when i was in school, i somehow doubt there is all that much focus given to such valuable learning.
in fact, i wonder how many school administrators and teachers even are aware that today is Constitution Day...? if we adults give little to no attention to Constitutional principles, how then will the next generation of Americans be equipped to deal with legally governing this nation, and holding the government accountable for its un-Constitutional actions?
in preparation for the upcoming 2009 Continental Congress to be held this November
i have recently volunteered to be the WTP NC State Coordinator, and also have thrown my hat in the ring for CC2009 NC Delegate candidacy. therefore, i'm frantically trying to help spread the word at this late hour that we need your help in making this historic event a success.
if you can donate anything -- even $10 -- to WTP today in support of our Continental Congress 2009 plans this Nov, it would be most greatly appreciated!
we are shooting for a $20 donation from 12,500 Americans, dedicated toward ending the lack of accountability which has existed in our government for a very long time.
Americans have had high hopes in advancing liberty via the ballot box, but many are coming to the conclusion that this strategy has not been working efficiently nor effectively now for several decades.

we know that Albert Einstein is credited with saying, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." and how true that is!

therefore, why are the American people so bent on continuing to put all their eggs in one basket?
i'm not suggesting we entirely give up on striving to put libertarian/Constitutionally minded representatives into offices at local, State and Federal positions. however, i am suggesting we try other avenues of strategy which have not yet been tried in the latter half of our country's history.
so please, even in these difficult economic times, if you can find it in your heart on this Constitution Day to spare $20 (or whatever you can) to help out in this monumental effort, i would greatly personally be so very thankful for your help.
in liberty,
bernard baruch carman
- seeker of truth / seeder of truth •∞Liberty
- infinity games ∞ infinity solutions ∞ audio/Mac specialist

Begin forwarded message:

From: Bob Schulz

Date: September 17, 2009 12:44:40 AM EDT

Subject: [WTP] First CC2009 "Money Bomb" on Constitution Day Sept. 17th


September 16, 2009

First CC2009 "Money Bomb" is Tomorrow:

Constitution Day, Thursday Sept. 17th


Independence Hall, Philadelphia

CC2009-96dpi-SM1crop.jpg Be sure to check out our new CC2009 website, state/county web pages and CC2009 activist resources!

On September 17th, 1787 our founders signed the final draft of the Constitution.

Tomorrow, September 17th, 2009, we ask everyone to rise in defense of this divinely inspired document by participating in the first "CC2009 Money Bomb" event to help finance the Continental Congress 2009 event.

Our target is to raise $250,000 tomorrow in the 24 hours beginning 12:01 am Thursday. This amount represents only a $20 donation from 12,500 Freedom defenders.

We ask everyone to give what they can in support of CC2009. Donations of any size can be made through our secure donation system here. Donations which qualify for the free pure silver (.999) CC2009 medallions can be made here. Donations may be fully tax-deductible.

Note that we still need to raise almost $2M to adequately produce and host the historic, two week Continental Congress 2009 event convening on Sunday, November 9th. Although we have managed to meet our minimal contractual obligations for the venue thus far (approximately $100,000), we need to rapidly escalate our funding of this important initiative if CC2009 is to become a reality and for us to bring news of the event and the live event proceedings to the American People. We have an additional venue contract payment of $150,000 due on October 10th. But beyond the basic venue costs, lodging and food for the 153 Delegates (as well as limited staff and event speakers), we have to fund significant expenses including professional and technical services, media purchases, live webcast production and streaming, and myriad other logistics associated with the event.

Everyone on this email list has been receiving news about CC2009 for many months. It's time to decide the value of your Liberty. It is time to decide if your Constitution is worth defending. It's time to decide if your Constitution is worth defending through peaceful means. And, it's time to finally decide if you will support perhaps the single viable solution (outside the paradigm of election politics) that has been brought forth to peacefully restore Constitutional Order: Continental Congress 2009. The time to manifest CC2009 has arrived!

Rise with us in defense of our Constitution and the Light of Liberty and donate tomorrow:

Donate here and receive FREE .999 pure silver CC2009 commemorative medallions ($50 and $100 minimum donations, no limits on number of coins)

Donate here for any size donation. Donations can also be made via mail or PayPal.

Please send this "CC2009 Money Bomb" notice to all your contacts and ask that they do the same. Donations may be fully tax-deductible.

For more information on the "CC2009 Money Bomb" and Continental Congress 2009, please 300x170.GMLMB.Banner.jpg

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