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OK folks, here's an apparently new wonderful tyrannical law created by this General Assembly of NC, Session 2009! (details below my signature.)
i'm not entirely sure whether or not these NC State House & Senate email addresses actually go to the inboxes of "our representatives", but i am BCC'ing this message to one of them who i know more personally in hopes they will make sure our voices are heard.
KEEP IT UP NC General Assembly!
how long do you people running ruining our country and protecting destroying our freedoms think it's going to be before you provoke an all out second American revolution and are all hung for treason for blatantly usurping our Creator-given unalienable rights and violating the Constitution?
oh, i can figure that by continuing to gradually advance socialism & fascism (aka: tyranny) here a little and there a little, it will probably still take several more years before the indoctrinated public becomes that overwhelmingly fed up with over-regulation -- heck, your ilk of bureaucrats have twisted the very meaning of "regulate" when it was included in our Constitution at the onset of America's founding.
or do you really think it is possible to endlessly advance tyranny without your -- or your children/grandchildren -- ever suffering any repercussions from your actions at all? surely you cannot be that foolish, can you?
and i'm so very happy that due to your draconian legislation in all your wisdom, that our local law enforcement is spending so much of their recent energies in cracking down on such dangerous criminals such as this lady who cannot probably afford to open her own commercial shop and has been operating out of her car buying and selling gold & silver. oh boy howdy, can i sleep safer now!
you know, many oppressed citizens over the history of mankind have been deceived: it's not primary the law enforcement that is to blame for the horrid state of a nation when it has squandered its freedoms -- it is the self-serving bureaucrats in government to blame.
you need more money for your precious budgets which are bloated with pork and appropriations for all sorts of things outside of the proper role and jurisdiction of government, so you merely wield your mighty pen and with a simple stroke you enact a new law which warrants heavier and stricter taxation upon whatever group you might be able to get away with burdening so.
so no, i don't really fault our local law enforcement at all for carrying out the law -- i fault YOU who are by oath supposed to be protecting the liberties of Americans here in NC, and your anti-American partisan politics wherein your true allegiance lies!
if you didn't allow tyrannical laws to remain on the books -- like the forced annexation law which everyone loathes, apparently except for you bureaucrats -- people wouldn't view you as a bunch of deceivers and hypocrites!
you do know that is how the overwhelming majority of Americans view you, right? that is why there is generally such a low percentage of ALL Americans who turn out to vote. the majority of Americans know the nature of most politicians never changes. regardless, the way We the People view you is all up to YOU and the actions you take while you are holding office.
i'm obviously thoroughly disgusted in hearing that you have now chosen to steal from those who have decided to venture into the gold & silver markets -- people who thought it wise to deal with REAL coins rather than the fraudulent funny money ILLEGALLY issued by the ILLEGAL Federal Reserve.
that's OK, those who know the TRUTH also know that liberty can not be destroyed.
BTW, perhaps you should also know that we in the greater liberty movement have true American allies in government as well as you tyrants, in both the military and law enforcement, who take their oaths of office to protect and defend Americans and our liberties from enemies foreign and domestic SERIOUSLY!
if you have not yet heard about them, you might want to do your homework: -- the Oathkeepers are on our side... that is the side of LIBERTY!
so you had better be careful how far into the reaches of tyranny you elect to wield your pens!
as always, in liberty...
bernard baruch carman
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(inspired to share upon having the following email conversation)

From: Asheville Daily Planet <>

Date: October 22, 2009 3:45:22 PM EDT

Subject: Re: Don't try to buy precious metals without a permit!


Yes, I've talked with dealers who have talked to the APD about this new law that, somehow, nobody knew about.

I also have a copy of the statute, which requires a $180 permit and nobody's sure — including the APD — of how much the also-mandated $10,000 surety bond costs.

This is from the lengthy document General Assembly of North Carolina, Session 2009. It is listed as Section Law 2009-482, House Bill 1637 as starts as follows:

"An act to modernize the record keeping of precious metals purchases by dealers, to subject all dealers in precious metals to similar record-keeping requirements, to increase precious metals permitting fees, to require that a criminal history record check be conducted on employees of precious metals dealers, and to make various other changes to the precious metals permitting statues...."

The upshot is that the AC-T story left out, according to the ADP, that the Weaverville woman was buying scrap gold and silver from her car. If she had had a shop, which likely would have been licensed, they would have warned her or not chosen to make an example of her as a warning to others. However, even the coin shop owners often don't have this permit and the bond, so they are scrambling.

The APD officer told a reliable area coin dealer that this crackdown — only on buying and selling scrap precious metals (and not coins at this moment) — is happening because the government needs money and sees this as a loophole that can be taxed. The APD officer said everyone should expect this to be a growing trend, eventually covering the buying and selling of everything.

Don't breathe too hard, either, Bernard, because there next may be an oxygen tax. Do you have a permit to breathe?

I knew you would be particularly interested in this because all of the coin dealers with whom I have spoken about this feel it is a textbook example of creeping government intrusion. Also, some local dealers think the government especially wants to discourage activity in gold, silver and other precious metals because it wants people to be totally dependent on fiat currency, which it controls and ultimates is — or will be — worthless.

You ought to invite this woman to a Liberty Asheville or LP Buncombe meeting, or both. It'd be intriguing to hear her comments — and have a Q&A. If she can't or won't come, it'd be interesting for LA or LP to host an APD detective to explain what's going on ... I think everyone would get a kick out of this.


On Oct 22, 2009, at 2:19 PM, bernard b carman wrote:

i would presume this has more to do with the mandate of government, over what would otherwise be a free market to do business, that individuals who wish to practice any kind of business, including purchase and resale, have the appropriate permit in which to do so, because We the People no longer have such a right to do business freely without government "regulation".

however, without seeing the actual State statute, i can only presume this is the case. perhaps there is something extra regulatory regarding precious metals.


bernard baruch carman


On Oct 20, 2009, at 1:04 PM, Asheville Daily Planet wrote:


Did you read this story in the Oct. 17 edition of the Citizen-Times?

Thought it might be of great interest to you. Everyone with whom I've discussed this is stunned. They feel this is a major infringement on personal freedom. Nobody I know has such a permit, or knew that it was required.

Please advise your position(s).


Woman charged in sting involving precious metals

A Weaverville woman was charged by Asheville police on Oct. 16 with trying to buy precious metals online without a permit.

Posing as jewelry sellers, Asheville police responded to a Craigslist ad in which the woman had posted her interest in buying any unwanted or broken jewelry, according to police.

Crystal Wiggins Laws, 35, was charged with fraud.

State law prohibits anyone to act as a dealer in the purchase of precious metals without getting a permit for the business from a local law enforcement agency.

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