Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Health Care Options? How About Let's Ask the Doctors! 8-)

gee, what a novel idea! if we want to know what is wrong with the current health care system, why the hell would we ask politicians and lawyers?
how much good have politicians and lawyers done to fix anything? yet, like a bunch of foolish children with no wisdom whatsoever, We the People continue to look for answers from them!
i'm not necessarily a fan of Glenn Beck, primarily because i trust media personalities almost as little as politicians and lawyers, but he had a pretty good idea in getting a bunch of doctors (and med school students) together in a room and have a discussion about alternatives to socialized health care, and what we can expect from it if this administration elects to pass it:
if you are not already deceived into thinking that politicians and lawyers are looking out for your best interests, you will surely want to watch this.
i find it most interesting that the only individuals out of this group that think more government intervention will help solve the various current health care problems (which began with government intervention) were the "noobs" -- the overly optimistic med school students who are freshly out of several years of public education indoctrination who have never practiced medicine in the real world -- very telling indeed! 8-)
(i also found the satellite pictures of the arctic between Jan 2000 ~ May 2009 at the top of the page very interesting, but i won't comment on that at this point.)
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