Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pepsi and the Rise and Fall of ObamaMarketing

after you spend countless hours searching through the better half of northern NJ with your best friend visiting from overseas in hopes of finding an Obama Chia Head for sale, this video (below my signature) is somehow special to me... but not as special as watching Pete go into a pharmacy deep in the heart of Brooklyn, NY and ask for one -- dang, i so wish i had taken a picture of that event! 8-)
apparently, that particular item of ObamaMarketing was found by some to be offensive, therefore many stores removed it from their shelves! ;-) Pete was often asked if he liked Obama or not, to which he replied, "i'm indifferent"... he perhaps should have said, "i'm Swiss -- i'm neutral! regardless, i don't know how that would have gone over by the rather large and somewhat perturbed cashier at that Brooklyn pharmacy! 8-)
but seriously, it is very interesting (to say the least) how for the very first time in America, massive marketing campaigns, even by long time companies such as Pepsi, jumped on a Presidential marketing campaign.
after all, that's free market capitalism at its best!
... which is something that confuses me to some degree...
if neo-progressives are so hell bent on replacing free market capitalism with socialism, why do they seem to enjoy capitalism so much? ;-)
Coca-Cola should have responded to Pepsi's short term ad campaign accordingly!
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Pepsi and the Rise and Fall of ObamaMarketing 13 October 2009 @ 6:22PM In the summer of 2008, I noticed something I'd never seen before. All around midtown Manhattan, on various sidewalks, people were selling cheap plastic trinkets out of open briefcases propped atop folding tray tables. To anyone who's spent any time in New York City—where makeshift sidewalk vendors are more plentiful than Starbucks—that probably doesn't sound so strange. But as someone who's lived here since before the Reagan/Carter election, these vendors were different. Rather, the nature of what they sold was different. <>

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