Sunday, November 15, 2009

April 15th Tax Day STRIKE!

i just created a NEW NON-Partisan Facebook group in hopes of helping to better organize an annual April 15th Tax Day STRIKE which will get MORE mainstream media attention NATIONALLY!

i've already invited all my Facebook friends and posted a link to download the most recent version of the Tax Day STRIKE flier i created, along with my, i think excellent, idea for getting MAJOR mainstream media attention NATIONALLY next April 15th, in hopes of educating more Americans about our rights and powers, according to the founding fathers:

"V" Across America!

if we could get the Tea Party on board with this, along with all the other non-partisan groups who are part of the PEACEFUL American Liberty Revolution, i think it would be a MAJOR pivotal point in the overall movement.

as the American Founding Fathers emphasized, in order to maintain LIBERTY the Federal Government NEEDS to FEAR We the People!  by using the V costume, it sends a STRONG message about this truth while remaining peaceful in our protests, and simultaneously reminds government of the potential future civil war ahead if it continues along the course of tyranny.

ALSO, not everybody need be dressed as V.  the mere fact that some Americans will attend this NATIONAL event all across America as V and others won't is perfect -- it shows that "normal" Americans also support the mandate for LIMITED government according to the Constitution!

so if you fancy the idea, please join the Facebook group and invite all your Facebook friends to do likewise and let's go VIRAL!  and while we're being liberty advocates, let's have FUN with this! in liberty,


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  1. Just Go Galt.

    I have not paid any income taxes since 1997. This includes FICA, Federal and State Income Taxes.

    Where ever possible, I buy from individuals and avoid paying sales tax.

  2. AWESOME! but not everyone is so daring, eh?

    the idea here is to garner more mainstream media nationally in the hopes of helping to educate more Americans to the truths regarding our rights and powers OVER the government, and also that the government is to be LIMITED by those powers We the People have granted to it through the Constitution.

    hey, why not? it just might be effective! 8-)