Sunday, August 30, 2009

Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

this is a very telling example by an authoritarian police officer who apparently has no idea about Constitutionally limited government, nor unalienable individual rights, which supports my theory of recent years: we're not in "America" any more!

for years now, i've been asking for someone to please explain to me why anyone would think we are living under an "American" government:

• does the "American" government obey the law?

• does "America" remain a Constitutionally limited government, accountable to the rule of law?

• is a "free" country defined by the flag it flies?

• should We the People adopt a philosophy of blind nationalism, obeying governing authorities even when they disobey the law of the land?

• if "America" was taken over by enemies domestic (a legitimate possibility according to the Constitution), how would We the People recognize it?

this video is one more proof of the mindset adopted by a large percentage of contemporary governing authoritarians in power in this country we still call "America".

i continue to advocate we educate ourselves about the philosophy of liberty and encourage our fellow Americans to do likewise, also informing everyone about the We the People Foundation & Congress, and especially governing authorities about the Oath Keepers.


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The Left-Right Political Paradigm Deception

YUP! the article, "Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project; Selling the False Left/Right Paradigm" largely encapsulates, in at least one particular area, the sort of the perspective i've had for quite a while on the media & globalist government in general.
i'm not entirely convinced one way or the other about Glenn Beck. thus far, i can no further trust his allegiance to liberty any more than any other media personality. for the time being, i will continue to give him the benefit of doubt -- that he really might be coming around to embrace the philosophy of liberty. however, i cannot help to think that they are all merely playing their part in the left-right political paradigm deception, while their real agenda has more to do with increasing their bank accounts.
i find it somewhat ironic that various commenters to this article suggest supporting Cindy Sheehan & Jeremy Scahill. in doing so, they are exemplifying the very point that the article makes -- the globalist agenda is to divide, desiring Americans to flock to one of two sides:
1. conservative-fascism
2. liberal-socialism
running away from the radical war agenda of the fascists in order to flock to the radical anti-war agenda of the socialists, whose primary rallying war cry is "PEACE" is exactly what the authoritarian bastards want! (as if there was any kind of possibility for real peace among humankind - what folly! 8-)
in doing so, the principles of liberty and rule of law are entirely bypassed: there is no talk of Constitutionally declared wars -- a legitimate and proper role of federal government -- just WAR or NO WAR with no other options in between!
and this is just ONE issue, designed to attract the focus of those people who fall for the trap of a 'single issue prime directive', so that they are distracted from other issues wherein liberty is being trampled upon.
if we Americans who desire to maximize individual liberty while minimizing the power and scope of the State are going to have any real chance of seeing our agenda being advanced in our lifetime, we need to be savvy and see through the left-right political paradigm deception, reveal it for what it is to our fellow Americans, and then come up with an appropriate plan involving peaceful and civil revolution.
my continued suggestion is to stop placing so much emphasis upon the ballot box, which is as broken as all three branches of federal government. rather, we should continue to learn more about the philosophy of liberty and encourage others to do likewise.
i personally advocate considering the agenda of two particular liberty activist groups:
We the People Foundation & Congress @
OathKeepers @
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