Thursday, January 14, 2010

Isn't it finally time to focus on LIBERTY?

excerpts from a recent email notification of a genuinely concerned American:

It is necessary that we come together and decide how to proceed, and encumber ourselves with appropriate goals to better ensure success...  This year, we will lay the groundwork for conservative community organization...  This will be the skeleton necessary to build a community organization effort into solid existence here in Asheville...  This is your opportunity to become a part of something larger than all of us combined...the very fight for freedom itself.

for the life of me, i continue to be perplexed with how the "fight for freedom itself" can be advanced by trying to rally "conservatives".  after all, have the myriad of Constitutional violations and actions usurping various unalienable rights of the individual not been by the hands of both "liberals" and "conservatives" at all levels of American government?

i'm really trying to be encouraging of these various new non-partisan grassroots groups who seem to be getting on board the American Liberty Movement, but i just don't see there being a drive for unity and inclusion around the same old partisan polarization deception which has been sold to the masses for so very long -- at least, not enough unity to make any real effective difference in the fight for freedom and against tyranny.

i guess it's so very difficult to break out of this deeply rooted deception that so many will just continue along the lines of "liberals" vs. "conservatives".  while both "sides" in power continue to advance tyranny through authoritarian government, many Americans don't seem to recognize that there IS an alternative battle plan, so they fall back and punt, hoping that this time things will be different and change is somehow possible by doing the same thing, over and over again.

need i remind ourselves of Albert Einstein's popular definition of insanity?  8-)

as i see the passion and drive of various fellow concerned Americans in these new groups, i don't know what else i can do when i see them take a misdirected course, except to continue sharing my thoughts on the subject with as many who will listen and take heed that the real battle is not "left" vs. "right", but rather liberty vs. tyranny.

i do not write this email to merely be critical of those attempting to fight tyranny under a "conservative" yet non-partisan banner.  my intent is to continue to advance the idea that rather than continuing along the same repetitive and fruitless efforts in advancing liberty, perhaps trying a different philosophical focus might be in order.

please consider which of the following statements is true and which is false:

1. the American founding fathers gained much support in opposing tyranny in their day by rallying around the philosophy of a conservative form of government.

2. the American founding fathers gained much support in opposing tyranny in their day by rallying around the philosophy of a Constitutionally Limited & Accountable form of government.

to the same leaders who are advocating that the "fight for freedom itself" can be advanced around a "conservative" agenda, please also consider which effort of the following they would be more willing to support if McCain had been elected and continued more the same un-Constitutional actions of the Bush administration, as has the Obama administration (along with the previous ones):

1. in hopes of reforming America to be OF, BY, and FOR the People, we have organized this new liberal grassroots group and we want you to join!

2. in hopes of reforming America to be OF, BY, and FOR the People, we have organized this new Constitutional grassroots group and we want you to join!

between the two, you wouldn't think twice about it, eh?  8-)

so therefore, what kind of political-philosophical positioning do you think would have a better opportunity of gaining major growth among a much broader political tent of Americans, and thus also have the potential of actually changing the growing tide of tyranny in America?

i'm definitely not suggesting the forming of a new political party, at least not at this time.  i am suggesting that all non-partisan grassroots groups who identify with being part of the American Liberty Movement work within the current political and social structures, but unify around a bigger tent liberty message and philosophy than has been exemplified since the founding of America.

to answer one of my energetic local leaders among the various non-partisan grassroots groups new to the American Liberty Movement, i do not wish to debate "liberal" vs. "conservative" -- to the contrary, i'm advocating that we all dispense with such terms which have been woven into the partisan polarization deception and begin to re-focus around the same, true and uniting philosophy as did the American founding fathers:

Constitutionally Limited & Accountable government!

let us therefore seek to inspire Constitutionalists among us to engage in the various areas of liberty activism!

remember the true principle, United We Stand – Divided We Fall!  therefore, let us stand and not fall so we might better work together to thwart tyranny in our day as best we can, as did the American founding fathers.

in liberty,


bernard baruch carman
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