Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Honor of ALL Mothers

i thought i'd take this opportunity to say Happy Mothers Day early to all you mum's we all know & love!  (since i'm always late, i figured i'd jump the gun on this one!  ;-)

in honor of all mothers, being how mom's look out for all their children and things related to their future, i thought i'd share this little note i sent to my NC Senators, asking them a very specific question.  i know it's certainly a question my mom would have asked her Senators as well, if she were alive today.

every day is a blessing, so don't postpone joy... and don't forget to do something special for your mom this weekend!  ;-)

love & liberty,




Oppose Sanders' Senate Floor Sell Out!

dear Senator Burr & Hagan,

please watch this short 2.5 minute update regarding the Sanders Amendment to the S 604 "Audit the Fed" bill:

this is a beyond-partisan issue, affecting all American individuals.  do we not have the right to always know how our tax dollars are spent with full transparency?

i believe so.

perhaps others throughout this country will contact their State Senators and ask of them the same question.  for now is the time for all those who champion transparency to step up to the plate, in and out of Congress.

in liberty,


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