Thursday, June 10, 2010

On "hating 'liberals' & 'conservatives'"

i'm neither a "republican/conservative" nor "democrat/liberal", nor any other erroneous label We the People have fallen pray into believing.

further, i submit that there is no such thing as BEING a conservative or liberal, because absolutely NO ONE is "conservative" or "liberal" in EVERY single action and thought.  these labels are all part of the deception (and if you're a follower of Messiah and Bible student, you might also view this as end time deception).

in pondering over various statements often made by many claiming how much hatred they have for "liberals" or "conservatives", a thought came to mind...

if we truly desire to be children of a loving Creator, why are they not heeding Messiah's commandments ("upon which all the law and the prophets hang" Matt 22:40):  love thy God, love thy neighbor, and love one another as Messiah has loved us...?

for those who are believers, do we really think God takes sides between the authoritarian duopoly tyrants who say one thing and do another?  for those who are not believers, why all the hatred – do you think you can somehow accomplish your goals through hating others simply for not agreeing with you 100%?

seems to me, if We the People spent less time being brainwashed by the media and neo-American divisive culture, and more time actually heeding the words of our Creator (regardless weather or not you believe in Him), this might be a slightly better world in which we might temporarily live.

food for thought...


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