Saturday, October 2, 2010

Most Important Election Cycle Ever!

gee, i never heard that before!  8-)

i've pretty much thus far seen my share of e-messages promoting voting for "Republicans" in order to get the "Democrats" out of office.

but i cannot find such optimism for any political party, as do so many others.  i'd much prefer to vote against incumbents.

YEP!  i've reached the point where i'm entirely up for throwing out pretty much everyone currently in office.  D or R doesn't make much difference to me.  along with "liberal" & "conservative", i understand these labels as nothing more than tools of deception designed to divide and enslave people.

i view voting a straight ticket as playing perfectly into this deception, as the pendulum continues to swing back and forth as it has for the majority of America's existence, while our Creator-given liberties simultaneously continue to be usurped.

seems to me, if the unaffiliated/apathetic majority in America would take a cue from the GOOOH strategy, we could remove the elite class from ruling the rest of us.  not that we have any probable chance of "fixing" things, but we could at least perhaps send tyrants packing all across America and at all levels of government.

otherwise we're just swapping one tyrant for another tyrant.  unless, of course, the new replacement is truly a real Constitutionalist who will actually work toward establishing Constitutionally Limited & Accountable government.

however, i have to wonder just how many candidates (especially "Republican") this election cycle are typical poli-tyrants wrapped in a Tea Party disguise, feigning a passion for liberty.

NOPE!  i'm not falling into this popular deception -- i'm going to vote against (most all) incumbents!  i hope other American voters think first before continuing to vote along political party lines, and rather seek out and support real liberty candidates.


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