Friday, October 8, 2010

Time Magazine Exemplifies Anti-Liberty Mainstream Media Deception

hey folks,

OK, there are certainly a few things that piss me off, deliberate & blatant deception by a major "journalism" magazine like Time is certainly one of these.

those of you who have known me for some time, know that i have been a proponent of the We the People Foundation & Congress, chaired by Bob Schulz, since around the year 2000.

this group of American patriots -- especially Bob, himself -- have spent their efforts in bringing the "Forgotten Clause" of the First Amendment, the "Accountability Clause", to the attention of the tyrants who have been transgressing various Constitutional limitations placed upon the government, and ignoring the fact that the founding fathers created and documented a legal process by which the People of America might peacefully procure relief of such grievances.

after a long process of petitioning for remedy of various documented grievances which have gone ignored by the poli-tyrants, the US Supreme Court was finally challenged to define, once and for all, the meaning of the near-forgotten "Accountability Clause", those last 10 words of the First Amendment -- of course, it failed to do its Constitutional duty, proving to myself and many others that we are definitely living in a state of tyranny.

whomever has been paying attention to all this, or even paying attention to what has been happening over the past century or so, who still honestly believes we live in the "land of the free" is really seriously deceived.

sure, we have some various freedoms, but just try and exercise them!  try standing up to the tyrannical State when it makes decisions about the personal life of the individual -- extortion in the name of "taxation", forced annexation, transgression of individual property rights, etc...

so now i discover that Time magazine has deliberately misrepresented Bob Schulz' We the People Foundation & Congress, equating our various non-violent & legal efforts to the growing militia movement -- nothing could be further from the truth!  so now, all those reading this slanderous and deceptive article in Time will now believe the We the People movement is filled with a bunch of violent nut-balls!

of course, i see this as a continuous attempt of these anti-liberty workers of evil to drive liberty activists and apologists to the point where we are forced to take a defensive physical position, so that they can blame the entire liberty movement of being "violent" in order to enact total and complete martial law... and no doubt the masses of idiots will buy it!

i seriously hope that Bob can bring a law suit against these deceivers, but i'm not holding my breath.  i realize, as do many, how corrupted the judicial system has grown (along with the other two branches of government).

so all i can do is to continue to point to the deceivers and say, "LOOK PEOPLE -- WAKE UP ALREADY!!!"

if you have a moment, please read the article and Bob's response, and open your eyes to see for yourself the state of this nation.

in liberty & Godbless...


bernard baruch carman
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Begin forwarded message:

From: "Bob Schulz \(DO NOT REPLY - Unmonitored Mailbox\)" <>
Date: October 7, 2010 2:44:53 AM EDT

October 6, 2010


WTP Chairman Bob Schulz is featured in the cover story of the Oct. 11, 2010 issue of TIME magazine titled, ""Locked and Loaded: The Secret World of Extreme Militias." 

The TIME article is volatile and highly misleading.

What follows is Bob's response. Please send it to as many people as you can. Thank you. 

Links to the TIME article and an online interview w/ Bob Schulz are at the bottom of this update.

Dear Editor:

I am featured in your cover article, written by Barton Gellman, though I cannot understand why.  You have wholly mischaracterized me and the works of my Foundation, in order to shoehorn me into a piece that may work for TIME, but has no relevance to what Gellman and I discussed. The information I provided to Gellman, through more than six hours of face-to-face interviews, plus e-mails and written documentation, has been twisted and wholly taken out of context, rendering it inaccurate, misleading and libelous.

There are so many falsehoods in what was attributed to me that I cannot address them all in this letter. I will take them up with TIME management. 

For the record, I have never advocated violence, I do not and have never belonged to any militia, nor do I communicate with militias or influence militias in any way that I am aware of.  However, I do fully support the Constitution's guarantee of well-regulated militias in every State. To quote the mandate of the second Amendment, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Therefore, the absence of well-regulated Militias in every State is repugnant to the constitution. 

This article serves neither the truth nor the People of this nation. While it wastes thousands of words regurgitating the intricate details of militia activities, their confrontations with government officials, and a handful of blatantly criminal acts, the article fails to address the fundamental "secret" re-invigorating the Patriot consciousness of Americans across the land. 

The "secret" that the mainstream media appears to have an extreme aversion against putting forward or openly discussing, is that over many administrations, with the support of both Parties, the federal government has all but abandoned our Constitution.


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