Monday, November 15, 2010

government unaccountability... what can i do about it?

in regards to the comical/tragical and factual video i recently shared about government unaccountability:
one friend replied:  "hey thanks for that video you sent me, but what can we do about it?"

i'm very thankful she asked, and i thought i'd likewise share my thoughts on the subject with everyone...

perhaps the most important thing we can all do is to better educate ourselves about this and other Constitutional violations perpetrated by none other than our very own government.  then we can share this knowledge with our friends & family, urging them to do likewise, while reminding them that neither duopoly party is going to work toward a remedy for these violations, as repeatedly exemplified by their own actions over the course of American history.

we could also ask these status-quo-representatives — whose salary and various benefits we pay, through which supposedly make them our "public servant representatives" — why they have not done all they can do to stop this particular theft of the American People by the Federal Government and the Federal (not government) Reserve.  did they help Ron Paul in supporting the "Audit the FED" bill?  if not, why?

during the primary elections (specifically), we could only support those candidates for US Congress and US President who support auditing and/or ending the Federal Reserve, and urge everyone we know to do likewise.

more drastic, but a growing movement:

We the People of the United State of America can legally STOP financially supporting a corrupted government which continues to violate the US Constitution, and refuses to cease and desist from doing so.

if enough Americans can spend a couple hours wrapping their minds around the fundamental principle of the Accountability Clause (the last ten words of the First Amendment) — that we have the right to peacefully hold the US Government accountable for its violations by refusing to fund it, when it refuses to remedy such violations upon repeated notifications through the petitioning process — the People could continue building a massive coalition of Americans that can peacefully force government to provide such remedy.

to give a brief recap of this:  within an act of the 1774 Continental Congress regarding Petitioning for Redress of Grievances (aka: First Amendment "Accountability Clause"), the founding fathers said:

"If money is wanted by Rulers who have in any manner oppressed the People, [the People] may retain [their money] until their grievances are redressed, and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions or disturbing the public tranquility."

founders' advice:  No Redress, NO TAXES!

over the past decade, petitions for remedy of various and continued Constitutional violations have been served upon the US Government by We the People, and they have thus far all been ignored.  the US Government says that it is not required by law to respond in any way to such petitions for redress (remedy) of grievances, as stated in the First Amendment.

as perhaps the most blatant display of tyranny i have personally seen demonstrated by the American government in my short life of 45 years, is the refusal by the US Supreme Court to even legally define the last ten words of the First Amendment, thus leaving the entire matter in a state of limbo:

1. We the People claim that the First Amendment Accountability Clause means we have the right to follow the advise of the founders who actually penned the clause.

2. the US Federal Government says the People do not have such a right.

3. SCOTUS refuses to make a ruling, declaring the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment.

so then, where does that leave We the People in this supposed "land of the free"?  when all three branches of government refuse to act responsibly in their duties of which they even swore an oath to uphold, then how could We the People correctly conclude that we live in any kind of free society under rule of law?

under such a state of tyranny, it is difficult to know what exactly i can individually do.  my only conclusion is to strive to stand up for liberty whenever opportunities arise.  if i don't, i reason i'm responsible for the increase of tyranny to whatever degree i could have otherwise perhaps prevented it.

knowing we have such an incredible asset like the internet at our disposal, i feel compelled to consider:

• what if millions more Americans understood the weight of such Constitutional violations — the Federal Reserve theft of We the People's treasury along with other grievances?

• what if millions more Americans understood that by the letter of the law according to our founding documents we have the right to peacefully demand Limited and Accountable government?

• what if we all strive to educate millions more Americans to these truths?

what great things may happen in our lives and the lives of our children!


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