Sunday, May 30, 2010

TRUTH regarding Rand Paul's Civil Rights position

as i suspected, the BS political propaganda with regard to the Political Establishment vs. Rand Paul was nothing more than typical.  there were certain elements within the 1964 Civil Acts Act which he was against (anyone understanding and valuing liberty would so as well):

apparently, this nutty blonde on FOX is no more philosophically sound as the nutty brunette from MSNBC, which is again typical of mainstream media with its biased neo-journalism.

upon finding other video clips regarding Rand's direct words, it appears as though his "BP – government" statement was also blown out of proportion as well.  again, typical.

here's a lower budget non-mainstream media interview where we get to hear more directly from the mouth of Rand regarding this recent attack via neo-media political propaganda:

regardless, there is no such thing as a "perfect politician/human".  all humans will always make mistakes, and will always disagree on some point of philosophy.

the question remains, what is the most important political issue for this nation?  i believe it is the issue of mandating Constitutionally Limited & Accountable government, which by default also involves limitations and accountability for all government created institutions (ie: corporations).

enjoy your Memorial Day weekend in liberty, and remembering all those who have risked and/or paid their lives for its sake...


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