Sunday, October 31, 2010

65% Say Fire Congress!

dear friends & family!

thank you all for the wonderful birthday blessings — your thoughts & prayers have all encouraged me tremendously over the recent weeks.

as you all know, i have this thing for liberty.  and especially right now, with all the ludicrous amounts of money being spent on the elections, i'm trying very hard to not let all this get to me.  i bet we all are, regardless of individual perspectives on things.  i wonder how much of that "$$$" being spent comes directly from the taxpayer...?  i am reminded daily of this as we continue to receive duplicate glossy color printed junk snail-mail containing typical and often erroneous mud-slinging.

therefore, in the "spirit of the season", i thought this was a very timely message worthy of sharing from Tim Cox of "GOOOH" (no, it's not "goo", but GO! — as in, Get Out Of Our House!  GOOOH ).

for those with whom i failed to effectively communicate my rationale behind voting against incumbents (generally), perhaps this might help to clarify it a bit better.

regardless, it makes me happy to hear that there is a majority of American who would like to simply fire Congress!  to me, that's some good news which perhaps might help us endure this "season of extra BS flinging".

in liberty,


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From: "Tim Cox" <>
Date: October 30, 2010 2:22:58 PM EDT
Subject: 65% Say Fire Congress!

65% Say "Fire Congress!"                                                 October 30, 2010
We encourage everyone to vote on Tuesday and continue working until the last minute for those you support. When the dust settles, I hope you will carefully consider the note below. The real battle begins on Wednesday.
This new Rasmussen poll reports that 65% of our nation would like to replace the entire Congress, including their representative. We are likely to see a bigger turnover than we have seen in years on Tuesday, and that is great news, but recognize that 85 - 90% of all incumbents will once again be re-elected. An image of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic comes to mind. Within a few months it will be politics as usual. We'll have a new budget that is $600 billion in the red and both sides blaming the other for the gridlock that follows. I pray I am wrong but pigs have never flown before.
USA Today estimates FOUR BILLION will be spent on political ads this election, including $32 million on the Senate race in CO, $20 million in PA and $17m in WA? Over $6m is being spent on individual House races in NY, NV, and MI - for jobs that pay $175,000. Look for a record number of earmarks next year as bribes are repaid. Watch for legislation that rewards donors instead of addressing problems.
Yes, the political pendulum will swing back to the right on Tuesday, but have our peers forgotten the past? In 2006 it swung from right to left because of Republican malfeasance, in 2000, from left to right. Back and forth it goes while our nation falls deeper into debt. Left, right, left, right, yet thirty percent of our kids fail to graduate year after year. Underemployment according to Gallup is at 18.6% and unemployment at 10%. Health care costs spiral ever upward. Borders leak like a sieve. Misguided government programs consistently fail.
Yet some still believe politicians will solve the very problems they have created.
The good news is there is an alternative. But it will require work. You must educate others that neither party is the answer, that politicians are the problem. The solution is simple: elect true citizen representatives who are not controlled by a party, indebted to groups who have paid millions of dollars, or concerned about getting re-elected. Our government was created so that every seat in the House is up for re-election every two years, but our nation has fallen into a trap: we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.
2012 will be different. We will run our candidates in the primaries against the incumbents, but our candidates will not controlled by either party. Our candidates will not have accepted special interest money, nor will they be career politicians.
I challenge you to inform others that we have an alternative. Please send this letter to every person of integrity you know and ask them to get involved. We only need an email address for them to join us. As soon as we get to 500,000 members we will execute our plan, explained in detail at
Inform your friends that GOOOH is not a party. It is a method for the citizens of each district to identify a candidate who will compete in the primaries where possible. We will not split the vote, but instead offer an alternative to career politicians. If you happen to live in one of the few districts with a good candidate, support the system nationally so we can remove the 429 bad ones! If we insist on supporting the few who are good we will be stuck with all who are bad. If your representative is good, he will defeat our candidate in the primary, as he should, but let's create competition and see if we can find someone even better. There are almost 700,000 people in each district and no one person is so important that we should not evaluate others.
I often hear people express concern that GOOOH might allow someone whose views they do not agree with to be selected. That happens today! We all disagree on certain issues. But that completely misses the point. We need a new system to identify quality candidates. Trust that the people of each district will select a qualified candidate. If anyone who has this concern will participate in one of our Online Mock Selection Sessions you will see that those with extreme views and ridiculous quirks are quickly eliminated. With a fair system, we simply need to have faith in our fellow man. The system we have today attracts the wrong kind of people. The two-party system encourages extremists and career politicians. GOOOH will weed them out.
How much longer can our country last if we stay this course? Six hundred billion dollar deficits will not fix what is broken. Tough decisions need to be made, but they will again be deferred because those in office are more concerned about being re-elected than doing what is right. A twelve-year-old child understands you cannot spend more than you make year after year without consequence. Our economy offers all the proof you need that this course is not sustainable.
Do not permit your friends to keep doing what they are doing. Get every one of them to join GOOOH now and ensure we identify men and women who will do what must be done in 2012. If we do not, the greatest nation the world has ever known will soon become just one of many. It will fail under the watch of our generation unless we act.
In Liberty,
Tim Cox

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