Monday, December 6, 2010

War on Affordable Housing

While America wages many UN-Constitutional "wars", this one appears to be waged by government bureaucracy, through which the unlimited and unaccountable State exerts its power in setting unreasonable and arbitrary restrictions and fines, under the guise of "public safety".

My story in brief:

An anonymous complaint has landed long-time Montford (Asheville) homeowner, Bernard Carman, in hot water with the City of Asheville. He now faces possible fines and foreclosure on his historic home of 22 years. Although his home use has not changed since 1988, the city has determined that Carman's home is out of compliance with City and State housing regulations, which prohibit him from housing 8 unrelated occupants in his 8-bedroom home. In order to comply, Bernard was forced to either upgrade the century-old home to meet "NC Commercial Code" (which as of 2006 now includes a cost-prohibitive sprinkler system), or evict three people and leave the rooms empty. Bernard opted for the latter, which is the lesser of two financially damaging options.

Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum featured this issue in detail, but due to a technical problem, the show was not recorded.  8-(

If you don't think this war is coming to a City/State near you, think again.

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