Saturday, February 12, 2011

City-initiated Annexations?

Greetings League of Municipalities of NC,

I live in Asheville, NC and I'm writing you to ask you a couple questions.

Your website states that, "we believe that a complete stop on all city-initiated annexations across the state is not a necessary or appropriate way to address annexation."

When you say, "city-initiated annexations", are you really referring to forced annexations?  "Forced", because you and your ilk feel that the people in a given area should not be permitted to VOTE on whether or not they wish to be annexed.  If so, then why try and sugar coat the truth here?

Please do correct me if I'm in error here, but if this is the case, then how can any of you simultaneously claim to be proponents of "democracy"?

I thought NC has been a "blue" state for quite a long time... aren't "Democrats" supposed to be advocates of democracy?  Or is the growing liberty movement correct in asserting that both Democrats and Republicans are beholden to their corrupted political parties and anti-liberty agendas?

As I understand it, NC is one of the few states which allows its municipalities to forcibly annex areas without a public vote.  Why is NC so beholden to draconian and tyrannical tendencies?

Hey, I have a great idea -- why not for a change consider advocating for the legalization of FREEDOM!

Another great idea -- why not for a change consider telling the TRUTH!

... Oh, I forgot, tyrants generally don't deal in truth.  Forgive me for forgetting!


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