Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Donate Time/Money to Ron Paul 2012 for Liberty

Throughout the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, I've personally decided to at least give, as I am able, several small amounts of money to this cause for real change in America — restoring individual rights, sound economy, and peace.

The elitist partisan candidates in the duopoly parties receive the bulk of their campaign funding from typical special interests — those who seek to control the lives of individual people.

Also, the media is already declaring their favorite "front-runners" this early on in the "campaign season", brainwashing the masses who are willing to submit to such deception.

True liberty candidates, which are so rare, have to rely on support from individual Americans who do not hunger for such control over others.  Therefore, it's up to US to help in whatever way we can.

So, if you are so compelled to help keep liberty alive in America, I encourage you to help Ron Paul win the 2012 Republican Primary in any way you can.  One way is through donating time, another is by donating money — and doing a little bit of both would go such a long way.

Since the 2008 campaign, most American voters now know who Ron Paul is and a bit more about the philosophy of liberty on which he stands. Many also now know a bit more about the immoral institution of fractional banking, and the secretive, unaccountable, and un-Constitutional Federal Reserve.  And many more continue to learn of our eroding unalienable individual liberties, and continued Constitutional violations by government at all levels.

I believe it is now imperative to impress upon our fellow Americans the importance of getting out to support Ron Paul in the Primary election in their state.

In line with this goal, I recently begun working on some new inexpensive, efficient, and hopefully effective outreach ideas to be used in my state of NC.  If interested, browse over to Ron Paul Revolution Asheville, click on the "Outreach" page, and check out the cards I've been working on: "Revolution-AVL 2012 cards.pdf".  These are inexpensive to print and easy to carry on one's person at all times to hand out to potential supporters of liberty.  If you have any suggestions, or would like me to create a version appropriate to your state, please let me know.

A note about Primary vs. General elections: I view the Primary as being THE important Presidential election, because by the time the General election rolls around, there are only partisan elitists to chose from who represent their party, rather than the People who make up this wonderful country of America, one of the last bastions of liberty in this present world.

A note about voter registration: Many people apparently do not know that as it is in NC, many states have election rules which allow individuals to register as "Unaffiliated", and choose which ballot (R or D) on which they will be voting when they go to their Primary polling locations.  Doing so also sends a message to the partisan elitists that Americans continue to be fed up with the partisan duopoly and choose to break out of the partisan indoctrination which has been plaguing America for far too long.

Please forward this message to whomever you feel it might benefit — I believe ALL American would!  ;-)

In liberty & Godbless...


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