Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reclaiming the Ideal of Freedom for Individuals

Wherein it is written:

"…In the same spirit, Obama often invokes the biblical duty that “we are each our brother’s keeper, we are each our sister’s keeper.”

— — —

The Biblical duty to be our brothers', sisters', or neighbors' keepers ONLY works when it's VOLUNTARY.

Acts of love like giving to others can ONLY be VOLUNTARY — FORCED acts are NOT acts of love.  And if people aren't voluntarily GIVING to others, but rather being FORCD to "give", it's not giving at all — it's theft.

Such is the problem with the statist (R or D) philosophy of attempting to FORCE individuals to care for other individuals through the power of the State.

And as LexingtonConcord points out in his posted comment, this article is grossly in error regarding the American founders' view of the relationship between individual rights (specifically property in this case), and the proper function and limitations of government.

The American founders largely held to the philosophy of Individualism, or the Declaration of Independence and Constitution wouldn't so obviously reflect this as being so.

Neo-Amerika has grown to exemplify a dichotomy of deception, spun by both "Neo-Cons" AND "Neo-Libs", where individuals are forced to choose between two sides of the same coin of Collectivism-Statism: one side seeks to control economic individual liberties, the other side seeks to control social individual liberties — all from a top-down tyrannical, unlimited and unaccountable, centralized government construct.

Both Neo-Cons AND Neo-Libs would do themselves — and We the People — a favor, by dispensing with their insatiable appetite for control over American individuals, and re-educating themselves in the area of the Philosophy of Liberty:

They might also educate themselves in the Swiss Cantonal System:

... to discover some of the reasons WHY Switzerland has been a relatively successful country for 700 years: decentralized & limited government power.  In spite of their maintaining an "Income Tax" system, depriving the unalienable right to privacy, keep individual's money close to home, and people will remain in control over their local gov't, and therefore over their regional gov't, and therefore over their national gov't.

Or, Neo-Cons & Neo-Libs can simply continue on the road they've been dragging the People down for decades in Neo-Amerika, unto utter collapse and perhaps some new kind of civil war.


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