Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MoveOn.org: Defend the American Dream Rally

this is my letter to MoveOn.org, regarding its "Defend the American Dream Rally this week.

reference:  http://pol.moveon.org/event/events/index.html?action_id=239&id=&search_distance=200&search_zip=28801&submit=Search


Dear MoveOn.org,

I'm not a "Republican" nor "Democrat", and I just want to ask your organization how long it plans to contribute to America's great divide?

Regarding recent budget cut proposals, or "Republican attacks" as you call them in your "Defend the American Dream Rallies" campaign this week, I'm certain that there are errors in whatever cutbacks the Republicans have put on the table. I'm also certain there are TONS of government cuts needed to be made at ALL levels.

Over time, We the People have allowed government to become bloated by bureaucrats serving their own interests on BOTH sides of the political divide, rather than the People's interests. Left out in the middle are the rest of us who suffer the consequences of poor governance.

I ask both "D" and "R" leaning groups the same question, because frankly, the growing dichotomy is sickening to my stomach as it continues to tear Americans apart, rather than bring them together in unity: united we stand, divided we fall (it's true).

So rather than perpetuating the "blame game", perhaps consider the reality that government waste has to stop because America simply cannot afford it any longer, and help ALL our elected officials figure out what needs to be done to restore the American Dream which has already been destroyed by government that violates our unalienable liberties and robs from our future generations.

Bernard B. Carman

PS: Because public school cuts are on the table, it sounds as if the MoveOn.org leadership is in great need of seeing the movie "Waiting for Superman", to learn just how messed up the American public school system really is, and how our own bureaucrats (R&D) in government have not only caused, but continue to perpetuate the problem.

Upon watching the film, it is my opinion that the head of the National Education Association should be fired immediately, if not eliminate the union altogether. That one action would serve to help ALL American children.


of course, i don't expect MoveOn.org to reply, but i hope someone there will read this and something valuable will sink in.


bernard baruch carman
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