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Election 2012: Truth VS Fiction

dear friends & family,

i've not sent much out recently in the way of Election 2012 & Ron Paul, so please lend me your ear for a short moment while i shed some light of truth upon mainstream media's darkness of deception — just 3 short items...


unless you have been paying very close attention to mainstream media's coverage of Election 2012, then you might not have noticed the calculated deceptive fraudulence which Jon Stewart has recently revealed:

(it's only a few minutes long, very funny, and very revealing about ALL mainstream media sources.)



notice the contrast of Ron Paul addressing someone's direct question VS Mitt Romney, or for that matter most any other politician ...

Ron Paul meets medical marijuana patient

(one only need listen to the first :60 seconds or so to get the drift.)

(only about :60 long, before this typical politician shows his true colors.)



how about Bush's Obama's various illegal wars?

and again, what exactly IS the purpose of these continued illegal wars?  (you know, against "terrorism", "drugs", "poverty", etc…)

what are the victory conditions for any of them?  ARE there any real victory conditions, or are they designed to be endless illegal wars?

i recently had a respectful conversation with one good friend of mine and shared my thoughts on the subject which i feel are paramount as we draw closer to the 2012 Primary...

Truth VS Fiction: Foreign Policy of Ron Paul & Thomas Jefferson

the following is from an email conversation with a friend, initiated by her sending an "important email regarding America's growing debt":

my initial question in response:  so you are probably becoming more of a Ron Paul fan as things continue along the same course since 1913?  ;-)

my friend's reply:  I’ve always been a Ron Paul fan in most respects.  If he would straighten out his thinking re: foreign policy, I wouldn’t have a bit of trouble voting for him.  As it stands, it’s a deal breaker for me.  I know a whole lot of people who feel exactly the same way.

my response:

since you are an advocate of truth rather than fiction via deception, i thought i'd take a moment to share some facts with you which you might wish to consider…

it is very unwise to be a "single issue voter" — it is paramount that Americans remember that the health of our nation doesn't hang on one issue… except for perhaps the economic issue, of which Ron Paul is champion.  regardless, those who insist on continuing illegal (UN-Constitutional) wars need a sound economy to do so!  ;-)

never believe mainstream media.  while the media deceivers label Ron Paul as an "isolationist", he is really a "non-interventionist", just like the majority of our founding fathers… like Thomas Jefferson.

it is on record that Ron Paul's stance on post 911 was to track down those who perpetrated the tragedy with all the power and might America's armed forces could muster to bring about justice, and do so legally in accordance with the US Constitution.  that should matter to any American who wishes to uphold the Rule of Law, and limited government accordingly.

one would be better served to listen to our American troops whose lives are on the line.  it was true during Election 2008 and it remains true now:  our American troops support Ron Paul — exemplified by their campaign contributions — more than all other Republican candidates combined!

shedding more light upon mainstream media's dark deception, here are some other facts worth careful consideration for those truly wishing to restore America:

• there is no other viable Republican candidate who stands on the principle of Constitutionally limited and accountable government — this trumps all individual issues, for without a limited government by Rule of Law, abundant freedom cannot truly exist.

• the Islamic Jihad terrorists (and/or any terrorist group) is victorious whenever liberty in America is tramped upon by violating the Rule of Law and unalienable individual rights granted only by our Creator.  no other viable candidate, Republican or Democrat, will strive to protect these sacred rights as vigilantly as Ron Paul.

• and perhaps most importantly to those who do not wish to see another four years of Obama (which we might as well call "Bush III"): there is no other Republican candidate who has any chance whatsoever of beating the media's darling, Obama, in the 2012 general election — i believe this is one of the main reasons the media is so against Ron Paul (i believe the other is in regard to the threat Ron Paul poses to Wall Street and global banking/government in general).

… but if you truly wish to help Obama get re-elected and have four more years of "Bush III" while tyranny continues to wax and liberty continues to wane, well... that's your prerogative as a single issue voter!  ;-)


so as the 2012 Primary draws near, all Americans (especially those with children) would be wise to consider truth VS fiction:

• if you haven't yet been convinced that the mainstream media is entirely corrupting the American election process by picking their favorites (and their Wall Street employers' favorites) in the Primaries, so that only tyrants are left to choose from in the General Election, then you might wish to wake up and think again.

• if you think all this doesn't matter to your own life nor the lives of your children, then you might with to wake up and think again.

• my suggestion for consideration:  find out when your state's Primary is held, register "Unaffiliated" (if allowed by your State's partisan tyranny), and VOTE on the Republican ballot for the only electable GOP candidate who CAN and WILL beat Obama in the 2012 General Election ONLY IF We the People get him passed the partisan Republican Primary!

as always, in liberty...


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