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the TRUTH might get you FIRED!

these days i'm really trying to minimize the blog posts i publish and emails i send.  there are just so many important issues to highlight and i realize that we're all being bombarded daily with information.  still, i cannot keep entirely silent either, and i feel this is more than worth sharing.

here are two short (total ~13 minutes) videos which every American should watch.  unfortunately, since Judge Napolitano was "fired" from Faux News, there will now be far less opportunity to hear such TRUTH on mainstream media on any network — and i consider ALL of the mainstream "news" networks as being fake, not just Faux.

i also understand that some people nit-pick because technically, the Judge wasn't "fired" as he supposedly is still employed at the Faux network.  still, i believe using the word "fired" is appropriate because his show was cancelled, therefore, he might as well be fired!  Freedom Watch was the ONLY show on mainstream media which told the TRUTH, and this is why it was cancelled and the Judge was effectively "fired".

most of you know about the tyranny i have personally faced recently at the local level regarding my house.  i don't have any worthwhile update on all that, except that i'm in the middle of a legal battle with the bank who supposedly holds my mortgage in attempts to prevent the foreclosure of my property.  you see, because the City of AVL forced me to kick three renters out of my house, i could no longer afford my mortgage payment which i've never missed in 23 years, which in turn forced me into mortgage default.

it will be determined if there has been any fraudulent activity on the part of the mortgage holder with regard to this contract and a verdict can then be made.  once that battle is won (hopefully), i will then pursue the potential of suing the City of AVL for violating my various rights including doing two "takings" on my property without compensation (both of which are 5th Amendment violations).

so i can not only continue to act in part as a whistle blower, revealing various tyrannical actions of government at all levels to others as i discover them, but i am now also a victim of tyranny directly so that i can be witness to it first hand — no "conspiracy theories" here!  perhaps more folks who hear of my plight can better understand why i have such a very bad taste in my mouth regarding anything political at the local, state, and of course federal level of government in what i now call "Neo-Amerika".  but then again, most people apparently will not listen to how corrupted it is until tyranny comes knocking on their front door, and i honestly do not wish that on my worst enemy.

IMHO, the overwhelming majority of State authoritarians (those who erroneously create, enforce and interpret law) are the enemy to an otherwise free people and there is rarely recourse to, or any sense of justice and accountability for, their tyrannical actions — and the overwhelming majority of the masses continue to allow all this to go on, although this is mostly due to being ignorant and/or deceived.

regardless of all, i empathize with all those who are trying to improve this nearly entirely corrupted political system via the political process, even though i am now convinced that these actions are largely in vain.  rather, i have decided to shift my focus from "politics" and philosophy, to preparedness for what is coming: total economic collapse.  think not?  think again!  on this present course, it is not only possible or probable, but inevitable!

to perhaps best illustrate just how corrupted this Neo-Amerikan system has become in my endless effort to reveal truth and eliminate deception, watch these two short Freedom Watch segments.  the first one is apparently a segment from the Judge's last Freedom Watch show this month, where he eloquently and concisely explains the fundamentals regarding the 2-party Neo-Amerikan political system and its deception.  he really has a knack for telling it like it is so that anyone with a brain will understand it — those who don't might want to consider greatly reducing their fluoride intake!  8-)

the second segment is from a Freedom Watch from nearly one year ago where he interviews Jesse Ventura, U.S. veteran and ex-governor, who also used to have his own show called "Conspiracy Theory", until it was cancelled.  apparently, those who own the media networks simply do not like anyone confusing people with the TRUTH.

the common thread i noticed here is that there are individuals who are afraid to tell the TRUTH because they might get FIRED!  this is apparently the case with the Judge, but also notice what Jesse mentions towards the end of the clip in regards to some NY firefighters who are afraid to lose their retirements.  i wonder if the Judge thought that he might wind up in the same boat for telling the truth when this episode was aired!

enjoy and don't forget to begin preparing for you and your family — before it's too late!

in liberty...

Judge Napolitano.How to get fired in under 5 mins

Jesse Ventura and Judge Napolitano: Operation Northwoods, 9/11, and Wikileaks


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