Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boiling Down the Political Deception

I continue striving to find new ways of revealing the great political deception of "Liberalism" VS "Conservatism".

In a Facebook post today, I again attempt to boil it down as simply as possible so that others can perhaps better see the light of LIBERTY.  Here is what I said:

There is simply no such thing as "conservatism" nor "liberalism" as ideologies.  Rather, the two opposing ideologies continually at odds are Individualism VS Collectivism.

Within Collectivism there exists Socialism & Fascism, both of which are at enmity with LIBERTY.

However, Collectivists have figured out that it would be best in order to remain in control over otherwise FREE individuals (Individualists) if they could sell the LIE that the REAL battle is fought on a one dimensional political axis between Socialism & Fascism, both of which breed slavery.

So over time they twisted the non-ideological meanings of the words "conservative" & "liberal" and assigned them to these tyrannical political systems, teaching these to be the only two choices in order to keep the masses fighting for their own FALSE ideology.

And this trick continues to work very well, as the overwhelming majority of Americans have purchased this lie hook, line & sinker, and continue to perpetuate it in voting the same Collectivists into political office year after year.

How can We the People break out of it?  Consider this plan: STOP claiming to advocate a FALSE ideology and embrace Individualism NOW!!!

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