Thursday, September 20, 2012

Choosing Sides – Good VS Evil

My reply to everyone who sends me pro-Obama/anti-Romney and/or pro-Romney/anti-Obama propaganda:  if I have to choose a "side", I'm going to objectively examine the facts and then choose GOOD (LIBERTY) over EVIL (TYRANNY).

In other words, I aim to support a Presidential candidate whose ideology largely falls on the side of LIBERTY.  Therefore, if it's between the "lesser of two evils", I'll support NEITHER, and rather vote for someone who to a much greater degree stands for truth, justice and liberty, even if they have little to no chance of being elected.  If there is still no one that I feel meets this criteria, I'll vote NOTA.

I cannot really recall a time in my life where the partisan duopoly candidates did not represent a "lesser of two evils" scenario, except perhaps for those two unique times in the 90's when Americans actually had a third option… but then of course, the tyrannical partisan duopoly tweaked the "rules" in order to make it nearly impossible from THAT ever happening again.

I have not voted for the lesser of TWO EVILS since I was a teenager and knew no better.  IF Americans would have long ago removed their heads from whatever dark void in which they reside and dispensed with supporting "lesser evils", this massive government corruption — at every level — would have perhaps been greatly minimized by now.

And BTW, this is NOT the "most important election" since whenever.  It's astonishing how the Sheeple of Neo-Amerika actually believe that lie every 4 years!

Further, the "end of liberty in America" did not recently occur.  That largely began occurring in 1913, if not earlier when the 14th Amendment was passed (if you don't know why, consider further education on the subject).  As with going off the gold standard, the "end of liberty in America" has been slow and steady over a century or so, and NO ADMINISTRATION of the partisan duopoly has ever made a serious effort to turn US around from this course toward national destruction (well, perhaps ONE President had planned on investigating the Federal Reserve and the fractional banking system, and we know how he was dealt with).

Getting back to this election as a "lesser of two evils" example, when one votes for Obama or Romney, they vote in support of Collectivism of one form or another which breeds only tyranny & slavery:  as a so called "Liberal", Obama and his ilk most often lean toward the Socialist side of Collectivism; while as a so called "Conservative", Romney and his ilk most often lean toward the Fascist side of Collectivism — BOTH of these political-economic systems (Socialism AND Fascism) fall within the ideology of Collectivism which is diametrically opposed to Individualism, and therefore, at enmity with LIBERTY.

And really, if you are one who believes in a supernatural Creator of all things and through whom all liberty is derived, it might be noteworthy for you to consider that since Collectivism is at enmity with liberty, it is therefore also at enmity with the Creator.  Since I happen to be one who believes in such a Creator, I cannot in good conscience support ANY potential leader of our country who subscribes to such an anti-liberty ideology.

Our founding fathers like Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, etc., would be rolling in their graves for over a century now if they were alive and conscience as the masses who, although through much deception, have continued to elect Collectivist after Collectivist, liar after liar, and crook after crook, whose very actions are aligned with the REAL adversary behind the physical-spiritual curtain through which we cannot yet clearly see.

We the Sheeple of Neo-Amerika FULLY DESERVE what's coming — TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE — and Continuing to elect these Collectivist "lesser evils" who make up the corrupted political "ruling class" will certainly do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent this from occurring.

Whether Obama or Romney are elected, we will continue to witness — as we do EVERY term regardless which so called "lesser evil side" of the partisan duopoly is in power — continued Constitutional violations (and lawlessness in general at all levels of government and within all branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), continued usurpation of our unalienable Creator-given individual liberties, and continued foolish social, monetary & foreign policies.  In short, as a nation we're DOOMED!

Time is PAST for "electing our way out of this mess" — time is NOW for preparing oneself SPIRITUALLY & PHYSICALLY, for the sake of all our loved ones who wish to endure the coming unavoidable apocalypse.

Still, I will vote in good conscience:  NOT in support of ANY so called "lesser evil", but rather FOR truth, justice, and liberty.

Pray for us; for we are confident that we have a good conscience, in all things desiring to live honorably.  — Hebrews 13:18

In liberty always...


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