Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Decision 2012 — Mourning After Thoughts

[My intent is not to vilify, demonize or condemn those who support the partisan duopoly candidates, but rather to help reveal to my fellow Americans what could be the greatest deception of our current age.]

I challenge EVERYONE who voted for either tyrant (Obama or Romney) to watch this 20 minute video:

"Worshiping Government — Message To The Voting Cattle"

It's a difficult message for us to hear that strikes a deep chord within the heart of the individual, because it makes a very good case for our own culpability in the massive and ongoing criminal actions against humanity committed by our own government — a government supposedly elected by the People in a "fair" election process.

However, I bet that those few who actually try to watch it will also find it very difficult because they cannot really understand and/or stomach the truth of this matter.  Can you?  I pray so!

I was inspired to share this video and write this blogpost upon receiving an email this morning which began with the statements: "Panic won't help, prayer will — yes, we're in trouble now."  I had to laugh as I responded, "We're in trouble NOW???"  As if we haven't been in trouble for decades!  8-)

It continues to astound me how the masses honestly believe we somehow won't be in as much trouble if their preferred "lesser-of-two-evils" authoritarian collectivist candidate for President wins.  In this case, as if electing a so called "Conservative" THIS TIME would somehow set "Neo-Amerika" upon some course other than that of total economic and social destruction, and repeal tyrannical legislation which violates the unalienable rights of the individual and the US Constitution.

I question: Which so called "Conservative" (or "Liberal") President has ever challenged the establishment for whom they work?  Which of them has ever truly challenged the immoral fractional banking and Federal Reserve system that has been thieving from ALL American generations in perpetuity for a century or so now?  Which of them has ever stood up in opposition to the immoral and inefficient Income Tax scheme which violates ALL individuals' right to privacy?

Yes, as a Christian, I do believe prayer will help — but prayer for what exactly… for those who "run" this country to somehow repent from their continued evil deeds which violate individual rights and the US Constitution, or for those who continue to repeatedly elect such tyrants into office to stop doing so?  I'm largely convinced that "We the People" and those we elect are far too deceived to repent, for how can someone repent when they don't even understand how they're sinning?

The author of "Message to the Voting Cattle" might not view the masses to be so deceived, which could be one cause resulting in such a tone of condemnation he attributes to this character's words from his fictional book.  However, as a Christian who believes in a spiritual battle continually taking place beyond the physical, I might have a slightly different viewpoint than he does regarding the extent of our own sole culpability in these continued crimes against humanity.

Revelation 12:9 says that satan deceives the whole world — and I believe it's correct!  Spiritually, he has deceived the religions of man into twisting Biblical scriptures for millennia, often resulting in the substitution of God's instruction with traditions of men.  Politically, he has duped the masses into believing in these false ideologies, "Liberal" & "Conservative", when the truth is that these terms have become mere descriptions of the contemporary political partisan duopoly, that in reality exists within the authoritarian ideology of Collectivism, which includes Socialism, Fascism, and other social-political-economic constructs which prohibit individual freedoms and free markets.

Ultimately these deceived masses replace the Creator with the State as the source of our liberty and justice, thus trading the worship of the Creator for the worship of the State — breaking Commandment #1: "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

My prayer is that the eyes of more people be opened to this great deception as the end of this age draws near — NOT so they can help to potentially change this nation (no, I'm afraid it's far too late for that, and I'm convinced that humanity is simply incapable of governing itself in accordance with LIBERTY) — but so they can PREPARE themselves both spiritually and physically for what lies ahead: the total collapse of society as we currently know it.

Of course, I am entirely disappointed with the outcome of this election which I successfully predicted over four years ago.  But I also knew I would be disappointed if my prediction turned out to be wrong, because I simply cannot support any authoritarian collectivist candidate that champions tyranny over liberty (see my blogpost: Choosing Sides — Good VS Evil).

I remain looking forward to the point in time when justice will ultimately be served — I just don't believe it can be served at the hand of man.


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i believe noteworthy…

the day after writing this blogpost i discovered a comment to another online article citing "State worship" from an individual who said, "I am a Christian... and at times like this Romans 13 is my least favorite chapter of scripture (although I know when I struggle with scripture it is my problem, not God's)."

because of the way this was stated i perceived this individual to be wiser than average and was moved to reply to their comment:

there are many false teachings from many pulpits regarding Romans 13.  i began a study in this a while back and just haven't gotten back to finishing it, so i apologize for not being able to share it with you.  so i'll try and just give you a few thoughtful highlights from my perspective on this seemingly contradicting scripture...

YES — as Christians, we are to obey the law of the land... but are we also not supposed to stand up in opposition when the government breaks it?  after all, here, we are supposed to have a government of, for and by the People… therefore, is it not to some degree our own responsibility when our own government violates both the limiting power of the US Constitution and violates the liberties of its own People?

YES — we are to render unto Caesar what is his... but WHO is Caesar in a supposedly self-governing nation?  (We the People are supposed to be!)  and what if the very "money" our nation uses is not only based on a lie, but is also part of a fiat money and banking system which has been thieving from ALL future American generations in perpetuity since a century or so — should us Christians not stand up on opposition to this evil?

YES — we are to pay taxes as according to the law of the land... but what if those taxes violate the very right to privacy which was granted to us by our very Creator?  further, what if that tax system was deceptively written to appear that it applies to ALL Americans, when it really only applies to a specific set of people?

YES — we are to obey the authorities, but most Christians understand that God's hand was in the American Revolution — a revolution waged against a State (Crown in that case) which was violating the unalienable rights of individuals!  if the Colonists understand Romans 13 the way many so called "preachers of God" teach today, there would never had been an American Revolution, and they would have continued their march toward total slavery without any such opposition to tyranny.

LIBERTY is of Christ, while TYRANNY is of satan.  therefore, authoritarian collectivist tyrants will twist Romans 13 (as they do with many other scriptures) in order to make otherwise free individuals believe that they must voluntarily accept their slavery under the all powerful State, which in turn becomes their lord god and master — of course, they don't put it quite like that and probably don't even understand it due to being deceived, but that's the truth.

"Message to the Voting Cattle" brutally exemplifies that the masses have been duped into State worship, while believing such lies as those being portrayed about Biblical scriptures like Romans 13.

of course, individuals who are deceived into purchasing the lies of Collectivism — the ideology that teaches the individual exists for the masses, regardless whether they lean Socialist or Fascist — might read this and comment how much of a "kook" (or some other colorful adjective) i am for saying such things!

but when one takes the time to deeply investigate further into this world filled with deception, one will find that the ideology of Individualism which is rooted in the philosophy of LIBERTY stands in the light of TRUTH, which i believe comes only from one source: Christ, who is our Creator.  all Collectivist ideologies (including Socialism & Fascism) are from a completely different source that would rather have all humanity remain in darkness.

during these end times deception will continue to grow so very great that it will continue to be most difficult to see through it.  may God grant you the ability to do so, and also to persevere through all that we must face as we reap the results of allowing authoritarian collectivist tyrants to usurp our Creator-given individual liberties for many decades.  8-)