Friday, November 23, 2012

Regulating Liberty

A friend asked me my thoughts regarding the recent decision by the State of Colorado and Washington to end the prohibition of marijuana.  Of course, I'm very happy that at least two states have finally acted in accordance with LIBERTY — it's one small victory for liberty in "Neo-Amerika"!  8-)

However, I cannot say that I'm enthusiastic in any way regarding this call to "regulate" it.  Honestly, should there be any "regulations" placed upon liberty?  And who, other than the Creator — the source of all liberty — has the authority to regulate liberty or impose such regulations upon those to whom liberty was given?

Frankly, I'm entirely sick of this authoritarian Collectivist State regulating anything and everything.  The older I get, the more intolerant I am toward any and all gov't regulations.  I was reminded of this last night, upon finishing the History series, "The Men Who Built America".  Please allow me to digress...

I really enjoyed the series, but the Collectivist bias woven into the thread of the story troubled me, but I should not be surprised.  It painted the picture that "Capitalism" (presumably meaning the "free market") was solely to blame for the growing expanse between the rich and the poor in post-Civil War America.  There were several comments alluding to the evils of "Capitalism with no restraints" and how there is the "need for Federal government to regulate" an otherwise free market.  I found this Collectivist bias within the series to be not only stretching the truth, but hypocritical as well.  The documentary offered little to no balance in accurately addressing the opposing ideals of Individualism.

Clueless viewers of this series would certainly conclude that these wealthy and unscrupulous men who had a near endless supply of money were destroying the lives of countless Americans, yet the series never mentioned that these new gov't "regulations for the greater good" which replaced the free market soon allowed for the creation of a dishonest and immoral fiat money and banking system that would allow the ruling class to create wealth from nothing, plunging America into the Great Depression and ultimately destroying the economy over the following century or so.  On the contrary, the series conclusion made it seem like once Federal regulations were placed upon "Capitalism with no restraints", prosperity abounded for EVERYONE happily ever after!

At least the series gave credit to these late 19th century entrepreneurs who actually produced goods in their creation of wealth from both natural resources and labor, for making prosperity more achievable for ALL Americans.

However, the series didn't mention that while the State was supposedly fighting greedy monopolies, that it would soon violate the law of the land in creating perhaps the greediest and most powerful monopoly over wealth itself in the history of all mankind: the Federal Reserve.

Likewise, It made no mention that this new Collectivist social-economic-political system designed by the ruling class of bankers, lawyers and politicians, would soon foster a method of controlling the American working class through an "income tax" system which violates the fundamental unalienable individual right to privacy.

Not addressed is the long term result of adopting this new Collectivist system which would prove to prohibit accountability for and recourse to the myriad of natural rights violations to follow, even to the point of prohibiting alcohol and other drugs through legislation, giving no consideration for even such basic freedoms individuals have had throughout the entire history of mankind.

The series depicted these "Capitalist [PIGS]" buying off the media and politicians — even purchasing the outcome of the 1896 Presidential election — as if this hasn't continued to happen unto this very day with NO accountability or recourse whatsoever.  While one of the interviewees actually said that this sort of thing is probably much more difficult today, the truth of the matter is that even when corruption within our contemporary election process is revealed, NOTHING is done to correct it.

And of course the series depicted these "Capitalist [PIGS]" as being total anti-humanists, creating dangerous sweat-shop working conditions for (you'd think) ALL Americans — as if these few men of great wealth owned EVERY single business in America.  It still seems to me that if an employer creates such hazardous and slave-like working conditions, the workers could simply seek employment elsewhere — it's not as if they were being FORCED to work under such conditions.  Further, if the State actually performed its duty and proper function in protecting the unalienable rights of the individual, workers could have begun a class action lawsuit against their employer for violating their liberties.

Collectivists might argue that these powerful "Capitalist [PIGS]" would have simply bought off those gov't offices which might have otherwise done their job in protecting the downtrodden workers.  But then this would exemplify a breakdown in the function of the State for failing its duty, rather than some failure in the private sector brought about by an unregulated free market.  Capitalism, Socialism, or Fascism: human corruption is not limited to such manmade boundaries.

Still, individuals bewitched by Collectivist ideology will argue as if those holding gov't offices within this Socialist-Fascist system that America has continued to embrace since the turn of the 20th century aren't beholden to the deep pockets of the banking cartels, lobbyists, and their corrupted political parties!

If there was little to no accountability within the State in a more Individualist free market social-economic-political system, you can bet your last phony dollar that there will be even less accountability within the State in any Collectivist system.

Therefore, as this Collectivist State continues to regulate liberty in nearly every aspect of private and public life, I grow compelled to view any and all such "regulations" as yet another aspect of this ongoing war against Individualist ideology which maximizes liberty — and thus as a war against the People themselves, as well as their Creator.


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