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Seeking Integrity Within Government

Dear Cecil,

You send this letter to your neighbors here in Asheville requesting support of your re-election to Asheville City Council, who will stand up to the claimed "corporate interests" of those [evil] Republicans locally and statewide who are supposedly so against the common individual.

Funny, it wasn't a bunch of "Republicans" and so called "Conservatives" that crafted local Asheville and NC State ordinances in a way which entirely circumvents any kind of reasonable recourse to violations against basic property rights and the liberties of the individual to live peacefully within the confines of their homes without interference from BIG BROTHER — rather, it was entirely a bunch of "Democrats" and so called "Progressives" who have engaged in such actions of domestic terrorism!

This is the TRUTH — does anyone even deal in TRUTH anymore?

[references: War on Affordable Housing (; NC Rules Defying Common Sense Wage War on Affordable Housing (; War on Affordable Housing - Local Edge Progressive Talk Radio 880 (]

But I will give you another chance at redeeming yourself in spite of the evil actions of your apparent political ilk throughout the years:

Would you commit to having City Council overturn this local draconian prohibitions of green/communal living arrangements which Asheville has fostered for decades, until poor and/or corrupt City governance enacted the horrible "UDO" back in 1997?  This of course includes lifting the draconian prohibition over what this City has defined as "boarding houses" AND lifting the draconian proximity restriction over B&B's, while in the meantime putting a STOP to any and all actions against those being wrongly punished as a result.

You see, upon being victimized — still — by the City of Asheville, I've become somewhat of an "expert" on these matters.  The primary issue here is that the City is violating the rights of many individuals by performing what is legally termed as "takings" of property rights without compensation (thus violating the US Constitution's Fifth Amendment regarding "eminent domain") WHILE not considering instances on a case by case situation.

In doing so, the City has forced my property into foreclosure proceedings which I have been fighting now for two years!  While this City has entirely refused to consider the age-old legal precedent of "Right of Use" (and "Grandfathering"), I have made a major effort on my part to overlook these violations upon my property rights and general liberties in attempt to work WITH the City via the process of "conditional re-zoning".  In spite of following the "Urban Planning" department's recommendations and wasting thousands of MY dollars doing so, the very same department at the last minute withdrew their recommendations and offered no reasonable recourse to my dilemma whatsoever.

Now I am forced to continue in my attempt to work out some kind of arrangement with the mortgage holder of my property, as this City has made it clear to me that it is not interested in the least in coming to a reasonable arrangement which would allow me to continue living peacefully in my home of 22 years, which I have fully restored and thus provided to this community as affordable green communal living — something the City of Asheville has hypocritically given lip service to for decades now.

IF the City Council has the power and authority to pass such draconian anti-liberty, anti-people, and anti-community ordinances, then it ALSO has the power and authority to provide recourse to individuals these ordinances have directly damaged, both financially and physiologically.

So what say you, as a self-proclaimed "progressive libertarian" who I have now petitioned for redress of these local grievances committed against myself and others?  Are you willing to take a stand against such violations against your neighbor's individual rights and livelihood, pursuant to happiness?  Do you (or anyone else within our local or state government) have such integrity?  Or will you continue in joining the throng of bureaucratic hypocrites who merely give lip service to such concepts as affordable green living and individual liberty itself?

I await your answer...


bernard baruch carman
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On Feb 20, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Cecil Bothwell wrote:

Reelect Bothwell 2013
Friend —
Now, more than ever, North Carolina needs strong progressive leaders that will stand up to the Republican Party and the corporate interests that want to dominate this state. I’ve consistently led the charge against radical conservatives, and I don’t intend to back down now!
I’m running for a second term on the Asheville City Council. Will you join me?
My goal in serving our community during my first term was to faithfully represent you, the citizens of this city.
I’ve done that these past four years, and I’m willing to devote another four years to fighting the good fight. But not everyone wants to re-elect a committed progressive in Asheville.
In fact, State Rep. Tim Moffitt has publicly singled me out for defeat. Considering his close ties to big money and Art Pope, our campaign could face a well-funded, ultra-conservative opponent.
You are receiving this message because you’ve stood with me before . . . or because someone told me that you stand up for progressive causes. Can I count on your support in my reelection campaign?
I have consistently been a leading voice for a greener Asheville. From single-stream recycling (the big blue curbside bins) to building and light efficiency, the environment has always been a top priority for me. What’s more, these measures have cut waste, saved money and reduced the city’s carbon footprint.
Perhaps most significantly, I have been your voice on our City Council, sometimes casting the only pro or con vote on important issues, when other members have seemed deaf to popular will. When reelected, I will continue to take a stand on your behalf and for the rights of every citizen in Asheville.
Thank you for taking a moment to read this message. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get involved with our powerful grassroots campaign.
Thank you,
Cecil Bothwell
Reelect Bothwell 2013 · United States
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  2. On Feb 22, 2013, at 2:55 PM, Cecil Bothwell wrote:

    Hi Bernard,

    I'm somewhat sympathetic to your cause, but your libertarian stance runs counter to my communitarian views.
    Thanks for contacting me.


    You are "SOMEWHAT sympathetic to my CAUSE"? If you care so much about PEOPLE (which the philosophy behind your "communitarian views" allegedly claims), why are you not EXTREMELY sympathetic to my HARDSHIP which the City has unnecessarily created, and without recourse?

    What does my "libertarian stance" have to do with the TRUTH about this matter? Cannot any of you bureaucrats put aside your petty partisan antics to talk straight about a matter?

    And honestly, how can you reconcile your "communitarian views" with doing absolutely nothing over the past two years to reverse this City's direct assault on an AFFORDABLE GREEN COMMUNAL living environment which has existed now for 22+ years — and for over a decade prior to CIty Council's adoption of the UDO? Do you not see the irony/hypocrisy here?

    Do you think it's OK to allow the GOVERNMENT — overwhelmingly the largest "corporation" in existence nationwide, which CREATED the entire concept of "corporations" and continuously writes legislation to favor them — to screw people over and get away with it? How can this reconciled with your "communitarian views"?

    We're not even talking about "corporate interests" here — we're talking about how this City has violated the rights of many INDIVIDUALS and threatened the entire livelihood of those INDIVIDUALS!

    I'm no multi-millionaire, as are many developers that come to AVL seeking (and receiving) various favors from local bureaucrats for investing their capital here. I'm just trying to survive like any other commoner, yet this City's "ruling class" is hell bent on ensuring simple people like me don't survive!

    And hey, YOU contacted ME asking for support in your race for Council because of some supposed danger of those [evil] Republicans who are supposedly so overly on the side of corporate interests, yet all I have seen from this Democratically controlled City Council for the 22+ years I have lived here is hypocrisy and various violations against the very individual people who make up the community!

    Now, are you and the rest of the local partisan bureaucrats even able to admit to the various grievances against the very members of our community you claim to serve? Or will you continue to hide behind partisan rhetoric and typical politician style answers to direct questions?

    I represent nor belong to ANY political party. I am yet another AMERICAN individual who is entirely sick and tired of such partisan rhetoric, while this corrupted ruling class of bureaucrats continues to usurp what little freedom remains to which We the People are, in fact, entitled.

    The ruling class' days are numbered, but I just thought I'd attempt to give you the benefit of doubt, hoping that you might actually give a damn about people. Apparently I was gravely mistaken to do so.

    Perhaps I should run for City Council again since it appears that our Asheville community cannot seem to find leaders with sufficient integrity to instill just governance.

    Thanks for absolutely nothing.


    bernard baruch carman

    1. Bernard, your Libertarian friends are supportive of you and your efforts! I am certainly willing to help you put into place a tangible plan of action ...