Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Considering Election/Voting Fraud

All this debate over voting identification, yet it's only the tip of the iceberg regarding "election/voting fraud".

To being with, the voting system itself — the plurality voting system — perpetuates a duopoly partisan system by introducing the spoiler effect, candidate cloning, and the wasted vote syndrome (see RangeVoting.org to learn more).

Next, we have black box voting in various states, which is not only often in violation of State Constitutions, but has been shown to be unreliable at best and rigged at worst (check out HBO's "Hacking Democracy"  http://www.hackingdemocracy.com ).

Then there is the "debate" folly.  If anyone actually thinks the "debates" aren't controlled in a way to prevent non-duopoly candidates from being involved, while crafting the Q's & A's to make crooks and liars look good to the American voters… then perhaps you should not vote anyway!  8-)  (or perhaps you should watch "Who's Afraid of an Open Debate?"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1NXhoP5bQ2M#! )

And let's not forget about the media, who begins selecting "top tier" candidates in the Primary race nearly a year before the public does, thus leading ignorant voters.  In some cases "journalists/reporters" have blatantly stated to the public that certain candidates cannot win.  Some news networks have even altered or omitted data as election results were reported.

Regardless of all, people don't turn out for the most important election anyway — the Primaries — when there is a chance of beating the "establishment Republicrat" (you know, the duopoly candidate that the political party helps to win).  People only really turn out for the General election when they can ONLY vote for ONE authoritarian collectivist or the OTHER (evil VS evil).

Yet, the foolish debate over voting identification goes on.

Perhaps the masses deserve to continue playing the fool if their votes can be so blatantly manipulated in such a corrupted election system, when all they can focus on in this matter is voter identification.

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