Friday, February 22, 2013

Seeking Integrity Within Government

Dear Cecil,

You send this letter to your neighbors here in Asheville requesting support of your re-election to Asheville City Council, who will stand up to the claimed "corporate interests" of those [evil] Republicans locally and statewide who are supposedly so against the common individual.

Funny, it wasn't a bunch of "Republicans" and so called "Conservatives" that crafted local Asheville and NC State ordinances in a way which entirely circumvents any kind of reasonable recourse to violations against basic property rights and the liberties of the individual to live peacefully within the confines of their homes without interference from BIG BROTHER — rather, it was entirely a bunch of "Democrats" and so called "Progressives" who have engaged in such actions of domestic terrorism!

This is the TRUTH — does anyone even deal in TRUTH anymore?

[references: War on Affordable Housing (; NC Rules Defying Common Sense Wage War on Affordable Housing (; War on Affordable Housing - Local Edge Progressive Talk Radio 880 (]

But I will give you another chance at redeeming yourself in spite of the evil actions of your apparent political ilk throughout the years:

Would you commit to having City Council overturn this local draconian prohibitions of green/communal living arrangements which Asheville has fostered for decades, until poor and/or corrupt City governance enacted the horrible "UDO" back in 1997?  This of course includes lifting the draconian prohibition over what this City has defined as "boarding houses" AND lifting the draconian proximity restriction over B&B's, while in the meantime putting a STOP to any and all actions against those being wrongly punished as a result.

You see, upon being victimized — still — by the City of Asheville, I've become somewhat of an "expert" on these matters.  The primary issue here is that the City is violating the rights of many individuals by performing what is legally termed as "takings" of property rights without compensation (thus violating the US Constitution's Fifth Amendment regarding "eminent domain") WHILE not considering instances on a case by case situation.

In doing so, the City has forced my property into foreclosure proceedings which I have been fighting now for two years!  While this City has entirely refused to consider the age-old legal precedent of "Right of Use" (and "Grandfathering"), I have made a major effort on my part to overlook these violations upon my property rights and general liberties in attempt to work WITH the City via the process of "conditional re-zoning".  In spite of following the "Urban Planning" department's recommendations and wasting thousands of MY dollars doing so, the very same department at the last minute withdrew their recommendations and offered no reasonable recourse to my dilemma whatsoever.

Now I am forced to continue in my attempt to work out some kind of arrangement with the mortgage holder of my property, as this City has made it clear to me that it is not interested in the least in coming to a reasonable arrangement which would allow me to continue living peacefully in my home of 22 years, which I have fully restored and thus provided to this community as affordable green communal living — something the City of Asheville has hypocritically given lip service to for decades now.

IF the City Council has the power and authority to pass such draconian anti-liberty, anti-people, and anti-community ordinances, then it ALSO has the power and authority to provide recourse to individuals these ordinances have directly damaged, both financially and physiologically.

So what say you, as a self-proclaimed "progressive libertarian" who I have now petitioned for redress of these local grievances committed against myself and others?  Are you willing to take a stand against such violations against your neighbor's individual rights and livelihood, pursuant to happiness?  Do you (or anyone else within our local or state government) have such integrity?  Or will you continue in joining the throng of bureaucratic hypocrites who merely give lip service to such concepts as affordable green living and individual liberty itself?

I await your answer...


bernard baruch carman
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On Feb 20, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Cecil Bothwell wrote:

Reelect Bothwell 2013
Friend —
Now, more than ever, North Carolina needs strong progressive leaders that will stand up to the Republican Party and the corporate interests that want to dominate this state. I’ve consistently led the charge against radical conservatives, and I don’t intend to back down now!
I’m running for a second term on the Asheville City Council. Will you join me?
My goal in serving our community during my first term was to faithfully represent you, the citizens of this city.
I’ve done that these past four years, and I’m willing to devote another four years to fighting the good fight. But not everyone wants to re-elect a committed progressive in Asheville.
In fact, State Rep. Tim Moffitt has publicly singled me out for defeat. Considering his close ties to big money and Art Pope, our campaign could face a well-funded, ultra-conservative opponent.
You are receiving this message because you’ve stood with me before . . . or because someone told me that you stand up for progressive causes. Can I count on your support in my reelection campaign?
I have consistently been a leading voice for a greener Asheville. From single-stream recycling (the big blue curbside bins) to building and light efficiency, the environment has always been a top priority for me. What’s more, these measures have cut waste, saved money and reduced the city’s carbon footprint.
Perhaps most significantly, I have been your voice on our City Council, sometimes casting the only pro or con vote on important issues, when other members have seemed deaf to popular will. When reelected, I will continue to take a stand on your behalf and for the rights of every citizen in Asheville.
Thank you for taking a moment to read this message. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get involved with our powerful grassroots campaign.
Thank you,
Cecil Bothwell
Reelect Bothwell 2013 · United States
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


NC Legislature:

I am OUTRAGED that this is even being considered!  In the wake of economic calamity, lack of jobs and soaring unemployment, Federal spending like there's no tomorrow, and our elected NC legislators are considering giving a multi-millionaire in Charlotte $62 million of OUR PHONY MONEY for something he can afford to do for himself?


This is a perfect example of Corporate Welfare, something that supposedly "both political sides" are against, right?  Or perhaps this is another perfect example to us NC residents how corrupt our state bureaucrats really are!

Please tell us, who among you believe THEFT of public funds is LEGAL?  Who among you is getting kickbacks from this proposition?  Who among you should we NOT elect during the next voting cycle?  We presume EVERYONE of you corrupt representatives who actually VOTE for this CORPORATE WELFARE is a THIEF and we WILL vote you OUT next cycle — you can count on it!

Not only will giving this millionaire do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for NC residents who are financially struggling to survive, but it's yet another example of how gov't at ALL levels has FAILED to fulfill its proper role — to protect the RIGHTS of individuals and UPHOLD the US Constitution.

If the NC Legislature goes through with this, We the People of NC will have no other recourse than to organize an all out NC State TAX STRIKE (based upon the First Amendment Accountability Clause (, for violation of the US Constitution as well as your oaths of office as our NC representatives.

We the People will accomplish this through various grassroots individuals within organizations across the deceptive political spectrum who ALL agree that CORPORATE WELFARE is wrong.  We will petition the State of NC for a redress of this grievance and we will prevail!

Consider yourselves notified.  Examine your motives and your actions.  Remember your OATHS of OFFICE.  We the People are watching YOU!


bernard baruch carman
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Begin forwarded message:

From: "North Carolina Campaign for Liberty" <>
Subject: It's a Shakedown
Date: February 18, 2013 12:22:24 PM EST

Dear bernard b,

First it was bailouts for Wall Street.  Taxpayer cash for Fannie, Freddie, and AIG.

Then bailouts for "automakers" (which was really code for Obama's Union cronies.)

Then the failed "stimulus."

Then a complete cave-in on the fiscal cliff, with taxes going up for everyone with no spending cuts.

But that's not enough.  When it comes to government picking your pockets for the benefit of billionaires, it's never enough.

Now Jerry Richardson and the Carolina Panthers want whatever you've got left, and they're going to use state government to get it!

Bank of America Stadium was built in 1996.  It's less than 20 years old, and Jerry Richardson and the Panthers own it, lock, stock and barrel.  But if Jerry has his way, the NC General Assembly will give him $62.5 million to renovate his stadium.

Not loan.  GIVE.

You see, Jerry has a long wish list.  He wants $28 million in new escalators. $59 million in new video and ribbon boards, along with a new sound system.  $62 million for new seats, and $25 million in "technology upgrades."

And he wants you to pay for it.  Why?  Well, as he puts it, “They’re so coveted (NFL franchises). They (owners) don’t have to pay for them. There are only 32. That’s the reality.”

Right now you might be thinking, "Wait, that's more than the $62.5 million he's asking from the state."

That's right, it is.  That's why Jerry Richardson and the Panthers also want the City of Charlotte to jack up their taxes.  He's pressuring the NC General Assembly to pass a bill giving the Democrat-controlled Charlotte City Council (which thinks this is all a terrific idea, by the way) permission to increase Charlotte's prepared food and beverage tax--so the city can give Jerry another $144 million.

In his Tea Party response to the State of the Union address, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said, "What America needs is not Robin Hood, but Adam Smith."

I agree, but this isn't even robbing the rich to give to the poor.  Jerry Richardson (whose net worth is somewhere around $500 million) wants to rob from everyone to spend on himself.

This has to be stopped.  Corporate welfare is the worst kind of welfare.  The Charlotte City Council has already eagerly agreed to this massive highway robbery, but they still need the state's permission to jack their food taxes through the roof.  Unfortunately, Republican leaders in Raleigh are trying to duck the issue.

When asked about this giveaway, Rep. Bill Brawley ( said, "There will be a referendum."

Translation: I don't want to make a decision, so I'll punt it to voters.

Speaker Thom Tillis said that while he's opposed to direct state money going to the Panthers, he's willing to consider letting Charlotte Democrats raise taxes to force Charlotte citizens to foot the bill.

None of this is acceptable.  What's needed is for state leaders in Raleigh to stand up to this shakedown attempt and refuse to give state money to the Panthers, and also refuse permission for Charlotte Democrats to rob Charlotte taxpayers.

Right now, today, look up your NC Senator and NC House Representative's contact information here and send this message:

Dear Sir (or Madam,)

I have just heard that you are considering giving taxpayer money to Jerry Richardson and the Carolina Panthers to renovate their privately-owned stadium.  This is an outrageous request to pick the pockets of North Carolinians for the benefit of a private organization.

No economic benefits outweigh the importance of protecting the public trust.  Theft is theft, even under color of authority.  It is simply not the role of government to fund professional sports.

I insist that you vote against any funding request to give the Carolina Panthers state money, and I further demand that you vote against any bill giving the City of Charlotte permission to increase their prepared food and beverage tax to benefit the Panthers, or any other professional sports team.

I will be watching this story via updates from North Carolina's Campaign for Liberty.

(Your Name)
North Carolina Taxpayer

Please also take a moment to sign Campaign for Liberty's "NO BAILOUTS FOR SPORTS MILLIONAIRES" petition.  Your signature will send a loud and clear signal to Raleigh that you won't tolerate having your pockets picked to turn football into another government-subsidized boondoggle.

Finally, please call House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger.  Tell them to vote NO on state money for the Panthers and NO to jacking up Charlotte taxes for the Panthers!

Speaker Thom Tillis:

Senator Phil Berger:
(919) 733-5708

NC's Campaign for Liberty will keep you informed on how this fight to keep crony capitalists out of your wallet progresses.

In Liberty,

Adam Love
NC State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Jerry Richardson and the Carolina Panthers are petitioning the NC General Assembly for taxpayer money to upgrade their privately-owned stadium.  Please sign Campaign for Liberty's petition to keep crony capitalists from picking your pocket!  Also be sure to contact your state senator and representative and tell them to oppose bailouts for sports millionaires!