Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Post-Tax Day Thoughts

The day after tax day 2013, I found this article on Facebook…

Corporate Tax Cheats on Tax Day: A Descent Into the Circles of Hell

… which takes various corporations on a decent into the various "circles of Dante's 'hell'" for cheating on their taxes.

However, in it there's not even a mention of the Federal Reserve & fractional banking system which has been ripping off American generations in perpetuity since 1913.

Then again, that's a matter of the STATE ripping off the People, so perhaps this issue doesn't fit the "anti-corporate" agenda of the writer (who perhaps also forgets that the State CREATED corporations and lies in bed with them)?  One can only wonder.

One can also only wonder if it's really "cheating" to strive to reduce the theft of SOME of the phony money that the IRS and Banking Cartel has been swindling for about a century now.  Looking at it in a more personal situation, if thieves have robbed your home and you manage to retrieve some of what they took, is one "cheating" them?

Regardless, if one is going to ONLY gripe about how [greedy] corporations are "cheating the IRS", then one is ONLY addressing the tip of the iceberg of corruption.  The obvious answer to ending tax cheating is to END the FED, END the bloody IRS, and return to an HONEST monetary system and an INDIRECT tax system.

The article is followed up by various comments about the complexity of the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) and the pros/cons of switching to a flat tax.  For all who are pondering over tax systems, please consider that ALL "income" tax systems (direct tax systems) prohibit the freedom of privacy.  This is one fundamental reason why the American founders were very clear about there being no direct taxes in the drafting of the US Constitution.

Of course, all this was corrupted throughout the Civil War (the first time an "income" tax was imposed) and just afterwards when the crooked ruling class of bureaucrats crafted and implemented a so called "income" tax, which began ONLY as a capital gains tax — in order to "tax the rich" — along with the DIS-honest "money" system and Federal Reserve.  Then later around WW2, the "income" tax was extended to also include wages.

But then again, if one actually begins to READ the insane IRC, one will soon discover how deceptively written it is, AND how the "income" tax really only applies to government workers, residents of D.C. and a few other US territories outside of the States.  But don't bring up any such facts with the IRS, as they will merely threaten you with a $20k+ fine for "frivolous arguments".

Those who continue to rail against various corporations for "cheating" the IRS are either not looking deep enough into the matter to reveal the entire truth, or have some kind of personal agenda against so called "CORPORATE AMERICA".

Those whose eyes are open will certainly realize that ANY business will take advantage of loopholes wherever the STATE allows.  And wherever the STATE manipulates a market, that market is no longer FREE, and therefore can no longer be considered "Capitalism", but rather some bastardization thereof, often known as "Crony Capitalism" or my personal favorite, "CORPORATISM".

No tax system is perfect.  However, the "Fair Tax" is the best imperfect "income" tax replacement system I've seen which is currently on the table — so long as the "income" tax and IRS are terminated.  If the Federal Government actually acted within its Constitutional limits, we could entirely eliminate a Federal tax altogether and simply use tariffs, as was intended from the onset.  Still, without returning to an honest money system, it's all moot, and economic collapse is certain.

When contemplating a better tax system, let us first address the DISHONEST "money" system and return to an HONEST one, THEN strive to return to an INDIRECT tax system, which is in accordance with freedom for all — NO MORE VIOLATION OF PRIVACY!


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