Saturday, May 4, 2013

Anti-Gun Lunacy Teaches Students to LIE

Dear Pat McCrory:

SERIOUSLY???  THIS is the level our Public School Administrations have stopped to???

This is yet another reason why ALL anti-gun nuts should be ousted from ANY public office, and why anti-liberty legislation like "zero-tolerance" and "mandatory minimums" should be eliminated immediately!!!

While Cole Withrow strives to continue his HS graduation plans, he and all his friends are now getting an education in the anti-liberty evils of authoritarian collectivism that has permeated the STATE.  Rather than commending the boy for doing the RIGHT thing, he is punished for it, thereby teaching the entire student body to LIE.

EVERY such incident needs to be handled on an individual basis, with NO "zero-tolerance" and NO "mandatory minimums" being a factor in the judgement.  But that would require the usage of BRIANS, which apparently isn't common among many people in public offices.

Heck, if the school's principle had a brain he would have simply allowed the boy to take the shotgun home and return to school, or simply just leave it locked up in his automobile.  Or better yet, lock it up somewhere inaccessible to the students just in case a mass shooter decided that day to take advantage of our Federally mandated Helpless Victim Zones (aka: Gun Free Zones).

But of course, treating individuals individually AS individuals would also mandate those public officials who HAVE brains be freed from the collectivist brainwashing they've received their entire lives via the public school system and mass media.  Evil legislation like "zero-tolerance" and "mandatory minimums" exist BECAUSE authoritarian collectivist philosophy has become the norm in what I call "Neo-Amerika"… what America has become.

Thankfully, something good has come out of the evil actions of the school board: CHEERS to Liberty University for making a stand for liberty and rewarding this boy for acting honestly, justly and thoughtfully!

Liberty Univ. Offers Scholarship to Eagle Scout Facing Gun Charges


Now it's YOUR turn, Mr. Governor, to choose a side: tyranny or LIBERTY… which will it be?


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