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Memorial Day Thoughts

Christian cop loses appeal – must attend mosque


Not surprising at all when considering that the "Neo-Amerikan" IN-justice system cares not about natural rights & liberty. The gov't school system & controlled media has done such a great job of indoctrinating the masses into Collectivist philosophy, that they largely believe people are to obey most any decision made by the three corrupt branches of gov't.

I likened such tyrannical actions to those of Nazi Germany the other day & a friend of mine became offended and now assumed I'm entirely ignorant. He is a perfect example of how people commonly believe it's ok to vote away ones natural rights and that the only recourse Americans should have is our vote -- our vote in an entirely corrupt election process. But of course, he doesn't believe the corruption is as great as I know it to be.

Of course, he doesn't have my experience either. After being very engaged throughout the Ron Paul 2008 & 2012 races, I KNOW how the entire process is fully corrupted from the media picking the "top tier" contenders, to the fraud committed within the partisan duopoly breaking it's own legally bound election/convention rules, to the plurality voting system which mandates a two party only system.

But beyond this, he -- certainly like many others -- cannot see the similarities present in "Neo-Amerika" to that of Nazi Germany. Apparently, unless the death toll of innocents must reach the millions before any nation can be likened to Naziism. Apparently all the deaths due to the various endless wars Neo-Amerika wages, like the "War on Drugs" for example, hasn't taken enough lives yet to earn a title likened to "Nazi". And in spite of all the various examples of police brutality with impunity doesn't also ring a bell.

I attempted to explain that my comment was more about DIRECTION. I also tried to explain that all those evil "isms" -- Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc. -- all fall under the philosophy of Collectivism and lead to nothing but totalitarianism like Nazi Germany.

But no... I'm the one who needs to better educate myself because I don't know what I am talking about! 8-)

Everything is just fine here. There is no growing militarized police state. There is no cartel of central banks who perpetuate debt/poverty among the masses who can take your property with no accountability whatsoever. The JFK Assassination, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the OK City bombing, and 9/11 all happened the way the rulers say they did -- because they never lie. The people of CN are dangerous for responding the way they did when the Gov threatened to take away their firearms. And the ranchers in NV are domestic terrorists for arming themselves in attempts to protect their financial security from a handful of bureaucrats and the Nine Wraith Judges in Mordor (D.C.).  -- This is what I'm being asked of my fellow Americans to believe...?

Today we honor all those who serve & who have served in the American armed forces -- those who took an oath to protect & defend the sacred natural rights of all individuals and to uphold the Constitution which legally guarantees those rights and limits the power of the State.

But if the State has grown corrupt to the point where it no longer serves to fulfill such duties, then what kind of nation does our armed forces truly serve?

The public servants who act as lords over We the People through massive corruption do a great disservice to those in our armed forces who put their lives on the line for our liberty. Most men & women who serve are fresh out of the Collectivist indoctrination factories we call "High School", so it is very difficult for them to fully understand how they are often being used as military pawns for the globalists to advance their agenda.

It is up to the People of this nation to break out of the Collectivist indoctrination, see through its deception, and embrace Individualist philosophy whose fruit is liberty... and then help others see the beautiful light of liberty granted to us by our Creator.

We the People are NOT owned by the State, nor should we ever bow down to obey (and therefore worship) any State as a god.

This is my Memorial Day prayer -- that We the People honor all those who put their lives on the line for our sacred & natural rights by pledging to educate ourselves more about the philosophy of liberty, and share this most blessed gift with others.

Godbless LIBERTY!

Check out the short "Philosophy of Liberty" video here:


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