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Collectivism VS Individualism: The REAL Political-Philosophical Battle

After years of emersion into the study of Liberty, I am convinced that the entire “Liberal/Left — Conservative/Right" political dichotomy is a completely deceptive paradigm, and one I now refer to as the Great Political Deception.  It is designed so to divide people into two false sides who would otherwise perhaps find common ground to solving problems through being rooted in the concept of the Protection of Unalienable Individual Natural Rights by Rule of Law.

Consider that the talking heads within the current political landscape use a host of terms like Socialism, Fascism, Authoritarianism, Statism, Corporatism, Nazisim, and every other kind of evil "ism”.  However the one “ism” which is almost never mentioned is Collectivism, which is the philosophy in which all of these evil “isms” are rooted.

To briefly digress, the economic system of Capitalism doesn’t fall under the philosophy of Collectivism.  A true free market is a byproduct of Individualism.  However, “Neo-Amerika” is NOT an example of a capitalistic economic system because there is little to no free market here.  Every market (except perhaps for the “black market”) is regulated to some degree by the STATE, and therefore, cannot be categorized as “Capitalism”.

However, most Americans still believe the false assumption that America is a Capitalistic nation regardless of how untrue this really is.  Likewise is the situation regarding the mass false assumption that the political “left — right” paradigm is actually true.

The terms “Liberal” & “Conservative” have been over time falsely crafted so that they appear as philosophies or ideologies, when in actuality they are not.  This deception distracts from the real battle of philosophies, which is Collectivism (leading to tyranny) VS Individualism (leading to liberty).

Unfortunately, both "sides" of the false political paradigm most often embrace the tenants of Collectivism without even knowing it.  Let’s explore these diametrically opposed philosophies that are rarely discussed in the contemporary deception political landscape.

• the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it.
• the theory and practice of the ownership of land and the means of production by the people or the state.

The philosophy of Collectivism includes the social-political economic constructs of both socialism and fascism, though the grand political deception would have us believe that socialism is of the so called political “left” and fascism is of the so called political “right” in order to have the masses support one of two supposedly diametric paths of Collectivism which can only lead to slavery/tyranny.

• the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.
• a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control.

The philosophy of Individualism is that in which the fundamental principles of liberty reside, and upon whose foundation the United States of America was built.  But of course, this is not taught in the government schools and why would it be, for doing so might challenge the status quo power of the STATE.

The philosophy of Individualism champions the free will of the individual endowed by our Creator (regardless of individual viewpoint).  By contrast, the philosophy of Collectivism prohibits the exercise of that free will which is displaced by the will of some collective.

Therefore: Collectivism leads to slavery/tyranny — Individualism leads to liberty.

This is not to say that every collective is at enmity with liberty.   However, a collective is at enmity with liberty to the degree it embraces and practices the philosophy of collectivism.

In considering the true meaning of the deceptive words “liberal” and “conservative”, it becomes clearer that no one can actually BE a “liberal” or “conservative”.  Correctly used, the words “liberal” and “conservative” are never nouns, but rather adjectives or adverbs.  Neither legitimate word meaning is rooted in any philosophy whatsoever.  Therefore, no one can be a “liberal” or be a “conservative” — on the contrary, one can only act liberally or conservatively with regard to a specific matter.

Simply put, “liberal” refers to being either more apt to change existing conditions of an institution or tradition, OR dealing abundantly in proportioning; “conservative” refers to being either more apt to preserve existing conditions of an institution or tradition, OR dealing cautiously moderate in proportioning.

However, the masses of recent centuries have been deceived into believing that there is a “liberal” VS a “conservative” philosophy or ideology, and that everyone must subscribe to either one or the other.

As a result, we are most often presented with two supposedly opposite sides of an issue having only two options, both most often being either inaccurate, immoral/unethical, illegal, or in violation of liberty, and neither of which actually solve the problem at hand.

One noteworthy example of this is the matter of “same sex marriage”.  Here the masses are presented with two opposing sides of this issue of which neither side will ever reach agreement or find any harmony, and BOTH sides’ positions are rooted in the philosophy of Collectivism.

The libertarian solution to the matter based in the philosophy of Individualism is simply to remove the STATE from the issue.  The STATE has no business — no just authority nor jurisdiction — interfering in contracts between free individuals, which includes the contract of marriage.  Marital status should NOT be any factor in tax legislation or anything else for that matter.

However, how often is THIS concept considered by the mainstream media, or the duopoly partisan talking heads?  The collectivists who run this nation do not really desire Americans to actually figure out how to solve problems, because that would unite us as individuals against them and their collectivist agenda which is at enmity with maximizing Liberty for all.

To most people such talk about political philosophies & ideologies seems unimportant.  However, I am convinced that understanding this Great Political Deception is paramount to re-uniting Americans around the goal of advancing Liberty through the Protection of Unalienable Individual Natural Rights by Rule of Law.

If we Americans who have come to understand this truth do not make a concerted effort to reveal this deception for what it is to the masses, then it will be nearly impossible for our younger generations to break out of the continued perpetuation of the various problems which plague our nation.

It is my goal to continue educating my fellow humans about this Great Political Deception in hopes that enough individuals will see through the deception for what it is and embrace the true ideology of Liberty, which is rooted in the philosophy of Individualism.

One good place to begin this educational process is by watching this very good & short video entitled “The Philosophy of Liberty”:

If you think I’m entirely off base with what I’m sharing here, then perhaps consider bending an ear to this gent:  G. Edward Griffen - Discusses the False Left Right Paradigm

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