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Exploring the Mindset of Authoritarian Collectivist Gun Control Nazis like Piers Morgan

Here’s a noteworthy piece, along with the various posted comments which follow that exemplify the mindset of authoritarian Collectivist gun control Nazis like Piers Morgan…

“Piers Morgan strangely silent about gun control laws in France”

"In true American style, you demand things in black and white terms: either all, or nothing. You can't accept that the intermediary position is by far the most realistic."

— In general, I can agree with this statement.  However, when it comes to the violation of Natural Rights, there IS NO COMPROMISE — PERIOD!

"If you exercise a modicum of control over access to guns then the crimes associated with CIVILIAN gun ownership WILL recede.”

— This statement is, of course, completely in error.

Did Alcohol Prohibition in the 20's reduce alcohol consumption in the nation?  NO.  In fact, it increased AND gave birth or organized crime.

Has the so called "War on Drugs" reduced drug usage in "Neo-Amerika"?  NO.  In fact, this UN-Constitutional and anti-liberty "War on People" more easily allowed BIG PHARMA to drug the overwhelming majority of ALL Americans, including many children (which incidentally, nearly every mass shooter tragedy was on some sort of LEGAL mood altering drug).

But the high school shootings, college massacres and other assorted carnivals of violence by legally entitled gun owners will continue too, unless steps are taken to limit access.

— This statement is also, of course, completely in error.

An armed society is a polite society.  The only reason why wicked people know they have a greatly increased chance of successfully terminating the lives of many in such a violent attack is because they KNOW where people are most likely to be disarmed.

Gun Free Zones = Helpless Victim Zones

Of course, fanatic terrorists won’t be as deterred by an armed populace as suicide is often part of their plan, but when they’re using firearms rather than bombs they also know that their plan has a far less chance of being as successful where there is greater chance of an armed citizenry.

“… your distasteful evocation of Nazism is wrongheaded and irrelevant.

— Such reactions to those addressing the parallels between Nazism and Collectivism is almost NEVER irrelevant.  BEWARE proponents of “Godwin’s Law”: There be functioning brains here!  8-)

The Collectivist mindset of allowing a government in any way to violate our Natural Right to bear arms — equal to the tech level of military personnel — is the very same Collectivist mindset which Hitler used to gradually usurp the Natural Rights of Germany's citizens.  And contrary to typical Collectivist thinking, Hitler didn’t begin his reign of tyranny by throwing specific ethnic groups into ovens.  Rather, he began by GRADUALLY usurping the Natural Rights of the Individual, until the Right to Life was the only one remaining.  Therefore, citing Nazism with regard to matters where Natural Rights are violated is ALWAYS appropriate.

History proves without any shadow of doubt that freedom cannot be held by an unarmed populace.  Unarmed citizens will eventually be enslaved by some tyrant that rises to power, and/or terrorized by armed thugs (which largely happens only in Helpless Victim Zones).

“My point is that this article is exploitative, political point scoring trash, and utterly irrelevant to a European community directly affected by a vicious act of terrorism.”

— Says the same individual who stated the following in his post just prior:  “In a week in which a 2 year old shot child its mother in the face on your side of the pond, I know whose 'experiment' is working better.

As if this sort of horrific tragedy occurs on any regular basis, apparently this individual doesn’t realize the hypocrisy he is exemplifying here?  8-)

But I do resent your neo-imperialistic condemnation of OUR gun control laws and more viscerally, the cold-blooded capitalisation on tragedy to further an agenda that is ultimately just a paean to a capitalistic firearms industry cloaked as a means of maintaining personal security, with no moral deference to the deep and bloody individual cost.

— Comical is citing “morality” while arguing for continued or increased violations upon the Natural Rights of the Individual!  8-)

From my perspective, the article merely points out the fact that authoritarian Collectivist gun control Nazis like Piers Morgan — and his ilk — are hypocrites.  When tragic events occur involving any firearm, they call for continued/increased violations of one’s sacred, unalienable, individual Natural Right to bear arms, ignoring ALL logic and recorded history and advancing their anti-Liberty agenda.  Yet, then when such a tragic event occurs in a place where the citizens’ Natural Right to bear personal armament is entirely usurped, they are silent because their argument has yet again been proven to be flawed.

Noteworthy, those who promote the violation of Natural Rights and take NO RESPONSIBILITY for doing so are enemies of Liberty, and therefore, enemies of ANY free people.  Around the time of the Sandy Hook tragedy (which many of us who are paying attention now believe was nothing more than a false flag event), one local individual of the overly Collectivist city of Asheville, NC in which I live had a major problem with the notion of accountability being placed upon those usurping Natural Rights through the force of the STATE.  Collectivists seem to enjoy the illegitimate power of usurping Natural Rights of the Individual through the force of the STATE without taking ANY responsibility for doing so.

Also noteworthy, people who criticize "Neo-Amerika" for being a "capitalistic nation" obviously have no clue what they are talking about.  This nation has not been capitalistic since at LEAST 1913.  For a nation to be considered Capitalistic, it would have to exemplify no government intervention in the marketplace.  How many markets in “Neo-Amerika” are not regulated and/or interfered with?  I cannot really think of any, other than perhaps the “black market”.

Again and again we witness the ongoing battle of political philosophy which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the deceptive false paradigm of “Liberal/left VS Conservative/right” and EVERYTHING to do with Collectivism VS Individualism: The REAL Political-Philosophical Battle

Let us continue to recognize and reveal the agenda of evil for what it is.


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