Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Collectivist NC Republicrats Violate Natural & Civil Law

In consideration of the following issues:

House committee kills medical marijuana bill

Recapping Stimson Marijuana Trial

NC Senate bill would make childhood vaccinations mandatory

These reports perfectly exemplify the fundamental reason why people who champion the principles of liberty despise the actions of collectivist Republicans as much as collectivist Democrats for illegally voting away (usurping) the sacred natural rights granted to every individual by our Creator they personally do not agree with.

Such actions are illegal because no point of civil law can ever justly supersede any point of natural law.  While all public servants have taken an oath to obey the US Constitution which was constructed to protect the unalienable natural rights of all individuals and limit government power, they regularly elect to violate both natural law and our national supreme civil law regardless.  They don't even seem to understand that by doing so, they join company with tyrants like Hitler, Mussolini, and Nero who were all enemies of natural rights.

They also don't seem to recognize their political hypocrisy.  Such hypocrisy goes both ways, but for this example, Republicans will argue with Democrats that it's immoral to violate such sacred natural rights as self-armament by illegally voting to usurp it, but then turn around and illegally vote to usurp other sacred natural rights like personal choice of medicine and/or recreational drug use.

While these wicked tyrants are illegally sentencing innocent people to prison for merely exercising their sacred natural rights, they are simultaneously being bought off by special interests like BIG PHARMA so they can push more illegal "bipartisan" bills like forced vaccination of our children.

I wonder if these public servants think they can continue getting away with such actions of wickedness without ever being held accountable, if not by the corrupted Neo-Amerikan IN-Justice system, then by karma, or by the Creator.


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