Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Worst US President on Medical Marijuana

For all those who might be freaking out about the recent announcement from the US Attorney General regarding the ongoing failed "Drug War”, particularly on *recreational* Marijuana, here’s my answer (on Facebook) to Mark Barrett’s petty article about how Trump said one thing and then did another...

Mark Barrett shared a link.

It looks like the president said one thing March 7, did another March 30.

A little more than three weeks before he criticized 11th District U.S. Rep.…


(yet, where was the cry of criticism from MSM?)

From MassRoots article “President Obama’s Legacy on Marijuana”:

"But his administration also ignored science and continues to pretend that cannabis belongs in a category for drugs with no medical value. There’s still time before this president leaves office to accomplish rescheduling, and he could also provide mass commutations and pardons to people who have been unjustly punished under marijuana prohibition. But time is running out.”

Isn't it ironic how the US Presidential administration whom the deceived collectivist masses thought was going to end the Federal War on Cannabis by de-scheduling marijuana actually wound up scheduling CBD products in its final month.

Isn't it completely insane that the very same people who should now be sharply criticizing Obama for being a liar and a hypocrite aren’t doing so.

Rather, they are now clamoring about the recent statement by the Trump administration, that it would not interfere with those states which legalized medical marijuana, but would continue enforcing the federal statutes against recreational marijuana.

Time will tell if the Trump administration violates its own promises as did the Obama administration in its first term.

Regardless, all this goes to show further proof that this so called “left/liberal VS right/conservative” political duopoly is nothing more than a lie designed to divide Americans along false ideologies which are rooted in no philosophy whatsoever.

Natural Rights Coalition — Philosophy

It further proves that MSM is the harbinger of extreme bias as well as “FAKE NEWS”.

various Obama’s War on Pot links:

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How the press declared the drug war over, even as the federal crackdown on cannabis continued.


Pop quiz! Who is the worst president in U.S. history when it comes to medical marijuana?
According to the Marijuana Policy Project, the answer is Barack Obama.


... so much for the so called "HOPE & CHANGE" President!


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