Tuesday, February 14, 2017

BEWARE: Mainstream Insanity!

As I continue to witness the growing division between Americans along fictitious political “ideologies” we are instructed to view as “liberal left” and “conservative right”, it does seem as though the so called political “left” has become as crazy likening Trump to Adolf Hitler as the so called political “right” had been about claiming Obama to be the end-time Biblical Anti-Christ.

Has most everyone gone completely mad?  Or is it merely that the most unsound thinking Americans among us are being magnified by the fear mongering mainstream media in order to rally the masses into a hysterical frenzy riddled with hate, destruction of private property, and general violence?  I tend to believe the latter.

Whenever natural rights are being violated I try to criticize whichever faction of the partisan duopoly is responsible with the intent of soliciting consideration of some alternative option that would maximize peace, prosperity, and liberty.  This often involves mandating the government cease interfering in matters of private life and return to performing its proper function of protecting the Natural Rights of the Individual through the rule of law.

Right now I wonder how many Americans believe it is more proper for the Federal government to create it’s own health insurance plans and then force everyone to purchase them, than it is to secure our national borders.

The issue is rather interesting to me because many who have in years passed claimed “they still read” apparently still do not comprehend, for the very same people who misinterpret the US Constitution’s so called “Welfare Clause” are now doing likewise with the “Defense Clause”.

The US Constitution Preamble clearly states:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, *provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare*, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Notice the section, “provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare”.

For decades the so called “Welfare Clause” has been misinterpreted to mean, *provide for specific welfare*, which is of course something entirely different from what it plainly says.

This legal error has been used by the collectivist “left” (and embraced by the collectivist “right”) to have the STATE interfere in the once free — and affordable — markets of medicine and health care, violating both the US Constitution and our unalienable Natural Right to Medical Freedom.  In doing so “BIG PHARMA”, or the “Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex”, was created and healthcare costs began to skyrocket.

Now, the same collectivist “left” is misinterpreting “provide for the common defense”, as erroneously meaning *promote common vulnerability”.  Because by calling for absolutely no immigration vetting process they desire to render our national borders largely defenseless and We the People vulnerable.

Are these people willingly ignoring the fact that some percentage — 5%?… 1%? — of Muslim immigrants have potential ties to, or are directly involved with, one of the various known Muslim terrorists groups?  One would appear ludicrous to be against some kind of vetting process that might catch a few potentially dangerous individuals.

Let’s also consider all the various American immigrants who have spent both monty and time — in fact years of their lives going through a painstakingly long legal process involving background checks and medical history.  If so called “liberals” and “progressives” truly desire “fairness” and “equality” as they so often claim, why would they desire to treat immigrants so unfairly?

Sure, the American immigration system is in dire need of reform, but so is every other area of this corrupted Neo-Amerikan government.  Let’s pursue full reform of government in all branches and at all levels rather than continue in selectively enforcing poor legislation.

But besides considering such simple logistics of reality which all nations must address, does the collectivist “left” not comprehend the difference between the words “promote” and “provide”?  Further, do these apparently confused people not even recognize the fact that nations have borders, and that it is the proper function of government to secure those borders?

If we libertarians didn’t have actual principles, we could also twist the US Constitution according to our own personal whims by asserting that, “provide for the common defense”, means our personal firearms should be purchased by public funding.

Not only is the so called “tolerant” and political “left” entirely out to lunch regarding all these facts, these collectivists who are likening Trump to Hitler are playing the hypocritical fool because factually, Hitlary Clinton is FAR more like Hitler — she is the one who wants to disarm Americans EXACTLY as Hitler disarmed the Jews in Nazi Germany!  (Such is why I call her “Hitlary”.)

Perhaps most amazing in all this insanity is witnessing how effective the century-long mass indoctrination of Collectivism has been in causing the deceived masses to follow after these modern day false prophets, aka: the mainstream media.

Let us recognize the mainstream for what it’s always been — a wide and deceptive gate which leads the collectivist masses unto utter destruction.


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