Friday, April 7, 2017

Gun Regulations Foster Violent Crime & Slavery

As with the STATE’s so called "Drug War", regulating guns will never magically make guns disappear from the face of the planet, or prevent people from easily and readily acquiring guns on the black market.  Therefore, to protect ourselves against criminals who would do us harm, individuals should NEVER be prohibited from exercising our Creator-given Natural Right to Self-Defense, which certainly includes self-armament.

Further, every individual has the natural right to concealed self-armament WITHOUT ANY "permit' or "license" from the STATE — individuals have intrinsic “permission”, granted by our Creator (Nature, or Nature's God), as part of Natural Law which trumps Civil Law.  Law enforcement, military, and bureaucrats ought to understand this when they take their oath of office to defend the US Constitution for the explicit purpose of securing our Natural Rights through the Rule of Law.  Otherwise, they don’t understand the founding principles of the United States of America and are thus not fit for holding public office in a nation of “free people”.

The only exception to this natural rule of law occurs when an individual has previously exhibited violent behavior violating the natural rights of others, thus has proven themselves to not be responsible enough as such liberty warrants.  They would have to prove themselves responsible before a fully informed jury of peers prior to having their liberty restored.  Otherwise, every individual should be considered innocent until proven guilty of being unfit to posses a firearm.

When a violent criminal is largely certain that his next victim is most likely unarmed in a society whose Civil Law abandons Natural Law and therefore violates Natural Rights, that violent criminal will be far more likely to violate the natural rights of another individual.  This is due to the blatantly obvious reason that there is little to no fear of effective defensive response using deadly force, for the violent criminal knows that law-abiding individuals often obey Civil Law in spite that it violates Natural Law.

In contrast, when a violent criminal is largely uncertain that his next victim may be armed in a society whose Civil Law upholds Natural Law and therefore protects Natural rights, that violent criminal will be far less likely to violate the natural rights of another individual.  This is due to the blatantly obvious reason that there is far greater fear of effective defensive response using deadly force, for the violent criminal knows there is a far greater chance his would-be victim is armed.

Therefore, gun regulations only serve to foster violent criminal activity and enslave individuals within a society.

Such is why areas which have the toughest gun restrictions have the highest crime rates — a fact that the anti-gun crowd seems to often ignore.  Exemplified routinely in our society’s history, “Gun Free Zones” (Helpless Victim Zones) are the most prone to mass violent attacks, because to the violent criminal such areas are akin to “shooting fish in a barrel”.

Also often exemplified in society, merely brandishing a firearm in defense of a violent criminal attempting to engage in a shooting spree immediately ends the confrontation.  However, dispensing with gun regulations will serve to put an end to violent criminal activity BEFORE it even begins.

Let us never forget: gun regulations made the Holocaust possible — we must put an end to Nazi gun regulations!


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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

“Climate Change” Debunked... AGAIN!

Addressing the folly of the “climate changers”, I happened upon this matter again today by coming across this little article about Apple, Google, and Microsoft banding together to combat “climate change”:

It is impossible to "fight" climate change, because the climate is always changing on account of the sun’s ever changing activity.  Further, as another Apple user posed in the comments for the article, one volcanic eruption can put out as much “carbon emissions” as did the entire Industrial Revolution.

And let’s not kid ourselves about all this sudden concern from Apple and others over how the STATE needs to “save us” from the “big bad corporations”.  Apple and other computer manufacturers used environmentally toxic chemicals in its products for decades.  It wasn’t the STATE which caused Apple and other manufacturers to change their minds — it was pressure from the marketplace of concerned individuals.

Certainly everyone should be doing their own part to avoid polluting our shared planet.  But this "Ice Age / Global Warming / Climate Change" nonsense is not "green”.  The ever changing false narrative changing throughout the years alone has caused me to be overly skeptical.  Then there’s the routine modus operandi of the STATE to consider.

I have reasoned over the years that if politicians REALLY cared about the environment, industrial hemp would have never been made illegal and remained so for the better part of a century.  Rather, the STATE gives financial incentives to supposed “green” companies, like for example those that make autos powered by batteries which is definitely NOT green.  The only “green” part about such deals cut between corporations and the STATE are the bureaucrats’ wallets being lined with more phony Federal Reserve Notes.

People should consider not being so gullible and recognize the fact that all this “Climate Change” rubbish is yet just another big scam against the People by the largest corrupt corporation of all: the US Federal Government.

Recently, Lord Christopher Monckton ( has published work on the subject in which he asserts that the math used in attempts to prove "Global Warming / Climate Change" was bogus.  For those interested in the truth of this matter, he goes into detail in this video presentation:

Global Warming Propaganda Explained - Lord Christopher Monckton 2014 NIPCC Convention

I'm just thankful that there are scientific math geeks willing to spend great efforts in studying the false claims of those alarmists who wish to spread fear among the people of the entire planet in order to advance their agenda of control and dominance, exemplifying the pinnacle of greed and lust for power while claiming to be caring for people.

I’m just not skilled in such a way.  Therefore, my attention toward all such fanciful claims of mankind causing “Climate Change", along with the previous bogus narratives, has mostly to do with recognizing the ongoing agenda of the STATE to usurp our various Natural Rights — which it has been doing in a gradual but steady pace arguably since 1913.

I only happened to run across the Apple article by accident, while I was searching around in attempts to help a dear friend of mine with her again dead MacBook Air.  Apparently, there is a major issue with the logic boards failing on these "Air" models, and it appears Apple has not been forthright about the situation.

Perhaps Apple should spend more time focusing on making its products reliable — as it used to do under the management of Stave Jobs — rather than getting involved in areas it, and apparently many others, know absolutely nothing about.


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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Worst US President on Medical Marijuana

For all those who might be freaking out about the recent announcement from the US Attorney General regarding the ongoing failed "Drug War”, particularly on *recreational* Marijuana, here’s my answer (on Facebook) to Mark Barrett’s petty article about how Trump said one thing and then did another...

Mark Barrett shared a link.

It looks like the president said one thing March 7, did another March 30.

A little more than three weeks before he criticized 11th District U.S. Rep.…


(yet, where was the cry of criticism from MSM?)

From MassRoots article “President Obama’s Legacy on Marijuana”:

"But his administration also ignored science and continues to pretend that cannabis belongs in a category for drugs with no medical value. There’s still time before this president leaves office to accomplish rescheduling, and he could also provide mass commutations and pardons to people who have been unjustly punished under marijuana prohibition. But time is running out.”

Isn't it ironic how the US Presidential administration whom the deceived collectivist masses thought was going to end the Federal War on Cannabis by de-scheduling marijuana actually wound up scheduling CBD products in its final month.

Isn't it completely insane that the very same people who should now be sharply criticizing Obama for being a liar and a hypocrite aren’t doing so.

Rather, they are now clamoring about the recent statement by the Trump administration, that it would not interfere with those states which legalized medical marijuana, but would continue enforcing the federal statutes against recreational marijuana.

Time will tell if the Trump administration violates its own promises as did the Obama administration in its first term.

Regardless, all this goes to show further proof that this so called “left/liberal VS right/conservative” political duopoly is nothing more than a lie designed to divide Americans along false ideologies which are rooted in no philosophy whatsoever.

Natural Rights Coalition — Philosophy

It further proves that MSM is the harbinger of extreme bias as well as “FAKE NEWS”.

various Obama’s War on Pot links:

In a shocking about-face, the administration has launched a government-wide crackdown on medical…



How the press declared the drug war over, even as the federal crackdown on cannabis continued.


Pop quiz! Who is the worst president in U.S. history when it comes to medical marijuana?
According to the Marijuana Policy Project, the answer is Barack Obama.


... so much for the so called "HOPE & CHANGE" President!


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